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July 31st, 2009

Hail Britannia! UK Shooters Dominate World F-Class Championships. USA F-TR Team Wins.

2009 F-Class Championships Bisley England, Farquharson TrophyThis year’s 2009 World F-Class Championship was held at the historic Bisley Range in England, and UK Shooters served their country proud, winning the prestigious F-Open Team Competition and dominating the individual matches in both F-Open and F-TR classes. Great Britain’s F-Open shooters proved their mastery of the challenging Bisley course, posting a 3436-230V score to top the second-place American Team by 59 points (Team USA score was 3377-234V). The South African Team, defending Champions, finished third with a 3337-188V score.

UK Shooters truely dominated the Individual F-Open Championship, capturing ALL of the top ten places, lead by Gary Costello (1st Place) with 458-44V, followed close behind by fellow Brit Des Parr with 456-36V. That’s nine Brits and a Scot in the Top Ten. In the Individual Competition, F-TR division, Britain finished one/two at the top of the podium, with Russell Simmons (437-23V) winning the Gold, and countryman George Barnard (432-23V) winning Silver. American Stan Pate took third with a 420-25V score.

2009 F-Class Championships

American F-Open Team Vice-Captain Shiraz Balolia, writing in his Bisley Blog, suggested that the windy conditions favored the 7mm caliber used by the home team Brits: “The individual World F-Class Championship is over. We essentially got overpowered by the 7mm guns. Bisley is not a range that you can win using 6.5mm guns, which is what the whole US Team is using. Of the top 10 positions, all but one were Brits with 7mm guns. The odd one was a Scot also with a 7mm gun.”

After the Team Match concluded, Shiraz wrote: “The British team won the World F-Class Open Championship. USA took second and South Africa third. The Brits beat us by 59 points and they were very surprised that we came that close to them. I believe that there were two main factors that worked very well for them. First and foremost was that they had full knowledge of their range and have been practicing on that range fairly regularly as a team for quite some time. Secondly, their 7mm guns were a good wind-bucking caliber that, when combined with good coaches (who have coached at that range for many years), gave them the results they were after. Someone made the comment to me that the Americans were improving by the day. Unfortunately, we ran out of days and it was game over. Our coaches did an outstanding job under very trying conditions. We beat the previous champs, South Africa, by 40 points.”

EDITOR’s NOTE: In the previous F-Open World Championships in South Africa, Team USA was defeated by the home team South Africans who were shooting 7mms. At Bisley in 2009, the same thing happened, with the Brits winning on their home turf, again using 7mms. Do we see the writing on the wall?

2009 F-Class Championships

CLICK HERE for Complete F-Class Championships Results.

CLICK HERE for 2009 F-Class World Championship Photo Archive.

2009 F-Class Championships

Americans Win F-TR Class
In the F-TR class the American Team powered to victory, haulting the British juggernaut. Under the leadership of Captain Darrel Buell, and coach Gary Rassmussen, shooters Brad Sauve, Dale Carpenter, Warren Dean, Monte Milanuk, Paul Phillips, Stan Pate, Jeff Rorer, and John Weil won the F-Class Restricted Teams Match with a 1581-76V score. The USA Rutland Cup Open Team of David Bailey, Mike Downey, David Gosnell, and Larry Taite, coached by Nancy Tompkins, also finished first, besting a strong Great Britain Red squad (second place), and Don Nagel’s third-place Connecticut Yankees.

2009 F-Class Championships

2009 F-Class Championships

All photos © 2009 by 762_AK, used by permission.

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July 31st, 2009

Reloading Components Offered by Holland's Shooters Supply

If you’re looking for hard to find reloading components, Darrell Holland reports that Holland Shooters Supplies has just received large shipments of powder, bullets, brass, and yes, primers.

Primer inventories now include: Remington, Winchester, and Wolf (small and large rifle; small and large pistol; plus Win shotgun primers). Popular powders in stock include: Hodgdon Varget (plenty), H335, H4895, H4350, H4831sc, H-1000, Retumbo; and Alliant Reloder 22

Holland’s has received substantial supplies of Lapua cartridge brass including: 223 Rem, 6mmBR, 6.5×47, 6.5-284, 308 Win, and 338 Lapua. In addition Hollands has Winchester brass for 223 Rem, 22-250, 243 Win, 6mm Rem, 308 Win, and 30-06. Nosler brass is available in 280 Rem, 280 Ackly, and 7mm STW

Darrell says he’s also got good supplies of Berger, Nosler, and Sierra Bullets: “lots of 308 caliber 168s, 175s, and 210s, plus 50-80gr 224s.” Holland’s also has 70-107gr 6mms in stock, plus 6.5mm and 7mm bullets.

Tactical Pouch Ammo CarrierFor these reloading components at Holland’s, there is no limit on quantity — first come, first served. A $25.00 Hazmat will cover up to 50 lbs of powder and primers. To order, call Holland’s, (541) 439-5155, 9am to 3:00 pm Pacific Time.

While you’re visiting Holland’s website, check out the new $30 Tactical Shooter’s Pouch on the products page. This unique, ballistic nylon bag holds ammo in elastic loops, plus it’s big enough to carry range cards, a mildot master, spare parts, or even a PDA with a ballistics program.

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July 30th, 2009

Dennis DeMille, Past Perry Champ, Offers Shooting Tips

Dennis DeMille is a past Camp Perry National Champion, and one of the nation’s top High Power shooters. Since retiring from the U.S. Marine Corps, Dennis has served as the General Manager of Creedmoor Sports in Oceanside, California. We recently had the chance to interview Dennis at the Creedmoor offices. With his decades of competitive experience, Dennis has a wealth of knowledge. In this 3-minute interview, Dennis shares insights into the High Power shooting game. He discusses the most effective ways to train for competition, the fundamentals of good marksmanship, and how to recognize and perfect your natural point of aim. Dennis also offers solid advice on how to get the best “bang for your buck” when choosing shooting accessories for High Power and Across the Course competition.

YouTube Preview Image


During our visit to Oceanside, Dennis gave us a tour of the facility. Dennis also explained the manufacturing process for Creedmoor’s popular shooting coats. All these shooting jackets are hand-crafted in Oceanside by experts with years of experience. Special templates are used to ensure each coat perfectly fits its new owner.

6.5 Creedmoor Ammo and Components
Today, 7/30/2009, we asked Creedmoor Sports to check its inventories of 6.5 Creedmoor components. Plenty of 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge brass is in stock. There is a good supply of 120gr A-Max bullets, but no 140s. As for 6.5 Creedmoor loaded ammo, a couple hundred 20-rd boxes of Hornady ammo is on the shelves as of 7/30/2009. A handful of die sets are in stock, with more on order. 6.5 Creedmoor case reamers are in stock.

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July 30th, 2009

First Shipments of Hornady Case Prep Center Hit Market

Hand loaders have been awaiting the release of the Hornady Lock-N-Load™ Power Case Prep Center, ever since it was displayed at the 2009 SHOT Show. Midsouth Shooters Supply finally received its first shipment of the Hornady prep centers and put them on sale for $313.80, promptly selling out. More units are on the way.

The folks at Midsouth reported: “We finally received our first shipment of the Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center! We were so excited to see how one worked -– so we pulled out of the box and checked it out. Set up time was about three minutes and noise level was low. However, we discovered that you’ll need a Hornady or Redding shell holder for the caliber you are trimming (or prepping). RCBS and Lyman shell holders do NOT work with this Prep Center. We also learned that you’ll need to order the Large and Small Primer Pocket Reamers separately. Both large (005-390751) and small (005-390750) reamers cost $6.60 each.”

AccurateShooter Hornady Case Prep Center

Midsouth concluded that: “Overall the Hornady Prep Center is a really sturdy piece of equipment.” Midsouth said the trimming/prepping tools work great and the machine is easy to clean. The improved T-bar handle gives better control over case height when trimming. At first, the Hornady’s $300+ price may seem steep. However, if you purchase BOTH an RCBS Trim Pro Power Trimmer ($260.12) and Trim Mate Case Prep Center ($108.58), you’d spend $368.70 combined. Buying the Hornady gives you an all-in-one machine that is more efficient to use, and occupies a smaller footprint on your loading bench.

Below is a video demonstration of the Hornady Case Prep Center at SHOT Show 2009. Click on the “HQ” button for the higher resolution version which shows the tool operation more clearly.

YouTube Preview Image
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July 29th, 2009

Ermey Hosts New "Lock N' Load" Series on History Channel

Gunny’s back — starting this Friday (7/31/09) on the History Channel. Marine Corps veteran R. Lee Ermey will host “Lock N’ Load”, a History Channel series which debuts July 31st at 9pm ET. Ermey, acclaimed for his role as a Marine Drill Instructor in the movie Full Metal Jacket, previously hosted the popular “Mail Call” show on the History Channel. The focus of Lock N’ Load will be firepower — and lots of it.

History Channel R. Lee Ermey

Lock N’ Load will be an hour-long weekly series featuring the engineering and development of military weapons. In the new show, R. Lee Ermey, the U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, former drill instructor, Vietnam veteran and actor, will get “hands-on with some of the world’s fiercest firearms, including machine guns, tanks, pistols and rockets”. For example, in the debut episode Ermey demos the 3000-round-per-minute Dillon Aero Minigun, and then traces the evolutionary steps that brought the gun to its present place in history. Check out the promo video below:

YouTube Preview Image

In each episode of Lock N’ Load, special high-speed photography reveals the inner workings of a particular weapon — how it performs and what really happens at the point of impact. Advanced 3D graphics help illustrate the technology and design principles behind each weapon. In addition, expert consultants explain the history and engineering of each weapon.

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July 29th, 2009

Dennis Builds Another 20 Practical AR Tack-Driver

20 Practical AR15Here at, we have promoted the “20 Practical”, a great little cartridge created by simply necking down the .223 Remington to 20 caliber. Popularized for bolt guns by Warren B (aka “Fireball”), the 20 Practical is also an excellent choice for an AR-platform varmint rifle. It offers better ballistics than a .223 Rem, with less recoil, and more velocity. Plus the 20 Practical, by all indications, appears to be an inherently accurate cartridge that “wants to shoot”. Our own AR ‘Ultimate Varminter’ project rifle, developed with Robert Whitley, was chambered as a 20 Practical. That gun shot “lights out”, demonstrating how well the little cartridge works.

Forum member ‘Dennis in VA’ recently put together his own 20 Practical AR with all-premium components. Dennis took his impressive new gun to the range yesterday, and it looks to be a tack-driver. Check out the target below, shot with Sierra 39gr BlitzKing bullets. That’s three shots in 0.375″ edge-to-edge, at 100 yards. (NOTE: regarding this H335 load, we advise to start 10% low and work up.)

AccurateShooter 20 Practical AR15

Dennis got his upper from Whitley’s AR-X Enterprises. It features a heavy billet upper receiver (with side charging handle), fitted with a 24″ PacNor SS Super Match 11-twist barrel. Mounted to the upper is a +20 MOA, GS-1 Scope Rail from GG&G. Riding on top is a Nightforce 5.5-22X50 NP-R1 scope in Nightforce ultra-light rings.

AccurateShooter 20 Practical AR15

The lower is equally exotic. Machined from billet by American Precision Arms, it is fitted with with a RRA LPK and a Geissele trigger. The tan, adjustable stock is a Magpul PRS model (Gen II). An Ergogrip tactical deluxe Suregrip completes the build. Dennis in VA has put together a very nice set-up to say the least. And it definitely shoots.

AccurateShooter 20 Practical AR15

To learn more about the 20 Practical cartridge for AR rifles, visit Robert Whitley’s 20 Practical Webpage. There you’ll find load data, info on dies and reloading, plus advice on hardware and barrel selection. Robert also has a video showing how to form 20 Practical brass.

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July 29th, 2009

Outshoot the Champ and Win $100 at Camp Perry

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky ChallengeHeaded to Camp Perry this summer? Take the “Bernosky Challenge” while you’re there and compete for over $1000 in cash prizes. The “Bernosky Challenge” is being conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program in cooperation with Creedmoor Sports.

Competitors in the Bernosky Challenge will fire the National Match Air Rifle Standing Course with the new Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR air rifles and compete against the current Camp Perry High Power champion, Carl Bernosky. One of America’s all-time great target rifle shooters, Carl won his 9th NRA National High Power Rifle Championship in 2008. This year, Bernosky will seek his 10th Championship using a Creedmoor CSR-1 Match Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

ANYONE who can beat Carl Bernosky in this air rifle challenge will receive $100. (See challenge rules for details.) Go to or CLICK HERE for more details.

The new National Match Air Rifle discipline was developed by the CMP to simulate High Power rifle across-the-course shooting and provide adults with an air rifle discipline that builds on the popular junior three-position air rifle program. This NMAR discipline gives High Power competitors off-season shooting opportunities. One of three NMAR equipment classes is for air rifles configured like M16/AR-type rifles.The Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR rifle is one of these rifles. NMAR targets are scaled down High Power SR and MR targets. Courses of fire are closely related to current High Power courses.

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky Challenge

Thirty-five (35) Creedmoor NMAR rifles are available for anyone for use during this competition. CLICK HERE for more details!

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July 28th, 2009

Precision Reloading Launches Enhanced Website

Precision Reloading, a South Dakota-based vendor of shooting supplies and reloading components, has launched its new, enhanced website. You’ll find the new site easier to navigate, with enhanced product descriptions and photos. The shopping cart system is also much faster and easier to use. Products are now organized in eight basic categories: Shotshell Reloading, Metallic Reloading, Muzzleloading, Hunting & Shooting Accessories, Optics, Gun Cleaning & Care, Books & DVDs, and Sale/Clearance items. Click on any main category and you’ll find products grouped by type. For example, under Gun Cleaning products, you’ll find handy links for “Bore Guides”, “Solvents”, “Patches & Jags” etc.; this lets you quickly easily compare multiple competitive products. We’ve found that’s much faster than trying to search, one by one, for a half-dozen different bore solvents, for example.

Precision Reloading’s new website also spotlights sale/clearance items with “Monthly Specials” and “Bargain Bench” entries. Among the current monthly specials we found the Vortex Viper 4-12x40mm Side Focus scope for just $362.99 (item VX04P). And in the “Bargain Bench”, you’ll find Wilson Caseholders for just $6.50 and Sinclair Expander Mandrels for just $3.99 per caliber.

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July 28th, 2009

New Super-Strong Bottom Metal from Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles (TR), a Florida-based precision rifle builder and parts-maker, has introduced new, ultra-durable bottom metal for Rem 700 and Rem-clone receivers. Why do we need better/stronger bottom metal? Just take a look at photo below. It shows a factory Rem floorplate that failed at the trigger guard.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal

The TR floorplate/detachable magazine assembly is lighter, yet stronger than factory bottom metal and competitive after-market products: “At it’s thinnest part the TR floorplate assembly is 150% thicker than our nearest competitors’ unit.” That makes the unit much stronger and more durable. In addition the TR floorplate is designed to work with TR’s milspec, dual-stack, center-feed magazines. This center-feed mag design provides more reliable feeding and function.

The photo below left shows a TR floorplate assembly under the wheel of a heavy pick-up truck. As you can see in the right photos, the “overbuilt” TR bottom-metal passes this test with flying colors.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal Tactical Rifles bottom metal

TR floorplate assemblies are now available for purchase as a replacement part for any Remington 700-style rifle. Minimal gunsmithing is required but the end result is, according to tactical rifles, “dramatically increased reliability … without the binding that occurs in some of the other detachable box magazine (DBM) systems available today.” For more info, visit, or call 877-811-GUNS (4867).

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July 27th, 2009

Shooter Wins Smallbore "Any Sights" Title from Wheelchair

At Camp Perry, the Hough Theater stage saw many people honored as Smallbore 3-Position champions Saturday night. Specialist John Hein of the United States Army won the title of National Overall Champion. Leonard Remaly was named Senior Champ.

And while the Award Ceremony honored all the Smallbore 3P winners equally, it was Any Sight National Champion Greg Drown that drew the only standing ovation from the crowd. One reason was because of his score. The other is because he shoots from the seat of a wheelchair.

“I developed multiple sclerosis gradually between 1995 and 2000,” explained Greg. “It was a shock.”

A lifelong competitive shooter, Greg has earned a few titles in his time –- but nothing on the scale of an NRA Championship. “I”ve won state titles, regional titles, even qualified for the 1984 Olympic Trials, but this was a surprise. I think it was Friday, when the weather turned, that’s when I knew I had a chance.”

Weather plays an important part in every tournament Greg shoots. Because of MS, his ability to shoot is often hampered by fatigue. “It plays havoc on the body,” said Greg. “Hot muggy days, like we had here in 2008, those are really tough. But this year it was raining and cool. The weather was perfect.”

As everything fell into place and the shots found their mark, Greg began to think about scratching another goal off his list. “I have a book,” he said. “List of goals and things I want to accomplish. Coming on stage tonight for this ceremony was one of them.”

This story comes courtesy the NRA BLOG, which is providing extensive, daily-updated coverage of the NRA National Championships.

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July 27th, 2009

New Precision Rings with Level from Surgeon Rifles

Surgeon Rifles has engineered new, heavy-duty scope rings with unique features. First, the rear ring comes with a bubble level integrated into the top half. This smart invention eliminates one other pricey accessory you’d otherwise need to add separately. The new Surgeon rings are made of high-grade 7075 T6 Aluminum so they are strong yet light. The “wide-body” design offers a full 0.950″ of clamping surface (front to back), secured by three vertical hex-head fasteners per side. The rings will be offered in a variety of heights, from .875″ to 1.125″, in both 30mm and 34 diameters. A 0.625″-wide steel version is planned for later release. Ring sets will cost $199.00 and that includes the bubble level.

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

Surgeon uses 9-axis machining to ensure exact alignment of ring center with ring base. Preston Pritchett, Surgeon’s owner, explains: “The bottom of the ring is machined at the same time as the bore for the scope on a 9 axis machine. This is done in one operation to ensure that the bore is parallel with the bottom of the ring. We checked another brand and found that they were off .0025″ in .625 inch. We checked ours and found it to be within .0003 in .950.” These rings are very carefully designed and crafted to align square on the rail. Many Weaver-style rings have a sloppy fit on the rail so they can clamp slightly differently from one installation to the next. Surgeon uses alignment pins to ensure its rings clamp properly: “The silver pins you see are 1/8 dowel pins that keep the clamp square to the ring and at the right height.”

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

For more info on these rings, or to place an order, visit, or call Preston Pritchett at (405) 567-0183. Surgeon plans to be shipping ring sets in various sizes within three weeks.

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

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July 26th, 2009

Rasmussen Shoots 1.9557" group at 1000 yards, and sets Four 50-Caliber World Records

Fifty Caliber Shooting Association FSCAIn a remarkable display of long-range marksmanship, legendary 50-Caliber shooter Lee Rasmussen set four (4) new 1000-yard world records at the recent Fifty Caliber Shooters Assn. (FCSA) Championships, held at the NRA Whittington Center over the 4th of July weekend. First, Lee shot an amazing 1.9557″ 5-shot group in Heavy Gun Class, breaking Skip Talbot’s 2.600″ single-group record set in 1999. Lee’s sub-2″ group works out to .1868 MOA. That’s darn good at 100, and Lee did it at 1000!

Rasmussen Also Breaks Agg Records
In addition to the sub-2″ group, Lee set three new six-target Aggregate 50-Caliber records. In Heavy Gun, Lee shot a 298-19X score to shatter Scott Nye’s 7-year old 297-11X SCORE record. Those six targets also produced a new Heavy Gun GROUP record of 6.39X”. Finally, in Unlimited Class, Rasmussen put together a stunning 5.667″ six-target Group Agg. That is the smallest Group Agg ever shot in 50-Cal competition — in any class. Wow… including the 1.9557″ group, that’s four world records in one match. Lee told us: “It was amazing. I was deeper ‘in the groove’ than I’ve ever been before.” Lee was shooting IMI (Israeli) 50BMG brass, with home-made, lathe-turned bullets fired by Vihtavuori 20N29 powder and RWS 50-cal primers.

Lee Rasmussen FCSA 1000 yard record

While Lee was pleased with his individual performance, he feels the match results are more noteworthy because they show the potential of the 50 BMG for superior long-range accuracy. Lee explained: “My goal has always been to show the rest of the shooting world what this cartridge can do. We want to get the 50-caliber game to where the other shooting sports are, and then take it a little further. Of course a variety of smaller cartridges can do great at 1000. But the difference is what the 50 BMG can do in high winds.” Mark added that, with the ultra-high BCs of the lathe-turned, solid 50-caliber bullets, the 50s can repeatably produce impressive 1000-yard groups even in strong winds.

Forum member Lynn Dragoman observed: “A sub-2-inch group with a standard 50 BMG is simply outstanding. Lee could use a modified case but chooses to stick with the original case to keep the sport [faithful] to its guidelines of promoting the 50 BMG.” Lee Rasmussen is widely respected as one of the most skilled and dedicated 50-caliber shooters, and one of the guys who has always “given back to the sport”.

Consider this, there are 17 possible records in 50-caliber competition and Lee now holds ten of them (plus his wife, Sheri, holds three more). Lee actually held eleven records until the last target at the Nationals, when Lee’s LG Six-Target Group Agg Record was broken by fellow 50-Cal Shooter Mark Avakian. So Lee’s FCSA World Record total stands at ten (10), counting his new HG Small Group Record.

Lee Rasmussen 50 caliber 1000 yard record

Avakian Set New Aggregate Record
Mark Avakian set a new Light Gun multi-target group size record at the FCSA Nationals. Mark shot a masterful Six-Target 5.823″ LG Aggregate to break one of the FCSA records previously held by Lee Rasmussen. We congratulate Mark for his very consistent shooting over two days to set the record. While the winds were pretty consistent on Day 1, the winds were very inconsistent on Day 2 both in terms of direction AND velocity, according to Rasmussen. Mark agreed, but he said he “was lucky to have better than average conditions for his Light Gun relay”. When asked the secret of his success, Mark said: “The Light Gun has been shooting very well, and I’ve been using a new 808gr bullet from Dave at Lehigh Bullets. The 808s are shooting great.” (See photo below for other Lehigh custom bullets).

Mark Avakian 50 Caliber world record

LeHigh 50 Caliber world record bullets

For more information on 50-Caliber competition, visit the FCSA website or contact the FCSA at P.O. Box 111, Monroe, UT 84754-0111, phone: (435) 527-9245.

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July 25th, 2009

3P Smallbore Competition at Camp Perry

The NRA Blog provides daily updates from the NRA National Rifle Championships in Camp Perry. Over the past couple of days the Smallbore three-position (3P) events have been held, and the NRA Blog has syndicated videos of the competition. Linked below are Thre videos of the Smallbore 3P “optical” division. The first video shows the prone phase, while the second shows the standing event. Note that, even in the difficult standing position, the shooters can hold their rifles very steady. That takes years of disciplined training.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

CLICK HERE to watch full-width HD versions on

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July 25th, 2009

Bargain Travel Cases for Long-Barreled Rifles

Our readers often ask where they can find bargain-priced, well-constructed soft cases that will hold rifles with 28″ or longer barrels. Right now Sierra Trading Post has two heavy-duty Allen soft cases on sale at very attractive prices. Both these bags are more heavily padded than the typical soft gun case. The 52″ version features plastic side panels to provide extra padding around the center section of your rifle.

AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case

The 52″-long Allen Elite Cross-over Utility case (above) will fit shotguns and rifles with barrels up to 31″. This features a nylon shell with molded composite panels at impact points and thick, 1″ foam padding inside. You may have to remove very large scopes. Sierra’s price is just $27.96, and these cases typically sell for about $40.00 retail.

AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case
AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case

Shown above, the tan-colored Allen Scoped Rifle Case is 49.5″ long, so it will fit rifles with barrels up to 28″ in length. It is marked down to just $24.95, 44% off MSRP. There are two padded side pockets which can hold iron sights, cleaning accessories, or ammo.

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July 24th, 2009

J.M. Browning House for Sale

If you’re a fan of classic American firearms (such as the A5 self-loading shotgun, Model 1895 rifle, Model 1897 pump shotgun, model 1911 pistol, and the legendary M2 50-cal BMG), here’s an item of interest.

The 8-bedroom Ogdon, Utah house originally built for John Moses Browning is on the market for $374,900. As John Moses Browning is widely considered to be a genius and the greatest American gun designer ever, this house is “hallowed ground” for Browning devotees. The house includes an attic suite with a room that served as Browning’s workshop. One wonders what remarkable designs were hatched in that attic workshop….

The Browning mansion, located at 505 27th St. in Ogden, is on Utah’s list of registered historic places. Described by the “Slugs & Plugs” Blog as “ultimate abode for the unapologetic gun nut and devotee of all things Browning,” the house is listed with agent Sue Wilkerson, Terra Venture Real Estate, (801) 393-1188; Unfortunately there are no classic guns or gunsmithing memorabilia sold with the Ogden house.

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