July 22nd, 2009

Primer Availability Report — Wolf Primers Have Arrived

AccurateShooter Wolf PrimersBruno Shooters Supply reports it has large supplies of Wolf Primers with no limits on quantities. Small Rifle, Small Rifle (223), Small Rifle Magnum (recommended for BR and 6-6.5×47), Large Rifle, and Large Rifle Magnum are all offered for $26.95 per thousand primers exclusive of the hazmat fee and shipping charges. Amy Bruno notes that these can only ship via FedEx Ground and that a signature WILL BE REQUIRED.

Powder Valley Inc. has Wolf primers in stock, including the desirable Small Rifle Magnum (one thousand, 1000-ct boxes in stock as of today, at $25.50/1000 plus hazmat and shipping). Also Large Rifle, Large Rifle Magnum, and Large Pistol are in stock.

Sinclair Int’l quickly sold out of the shipment of Remington 7.5 primers it received on July 21st and likewise sold out of Sellier & Bellot primers received on the 15th. Watch the Sinclair Int’l Reloading Press Blog for timely updates on primer and powder shipments.

Wideners has sold out of the last shipment of Wolf Small Rifle Magnum and Large Rifle Primers, but still has Wolf Small Rifle 223 Primers, Large Rifle Magnum Primers, and Large Pistol Primers in stock. As for the domestic primer brands — CCI, Federal, Remington, Winchester — Wideners is still completely out of stock.