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July 8th, 2009

SoCal Tactical Match This Weekend

The 4th annual Southern California Precision Rifle Competition (SCPRC) will be held July 11-12, 2009 at the West End Gun Club, 20 minutes west of San Bernadino, CA. Match director Mark Archuleta, aka “Spaniard”, runs a great match, with a diverse and challenging course of fire. 50 shooters have already registered for the match, one of the most popular tactical comps on the West Coast. This year’s event will include night shooting, 10-12 core stages, and (new this year), a .22LR side match. For more information on the course of fire, and match rules, visit the WEGC Forum and Read this Thread for a complete run-down on the event.

Mark reports: “Surprises? we have a few of those, so be prepared. All targets will be 1 MOA or bigger. We have paper, reactive and some special targets. Some of the stages are a hybrid of the Sniper Comps you have seen on Discovery Channel. We will be shooting UKD (unknown distances) and LRF are allowed. You will be shooting from terrain (dirt) and barricade as before. There will be some angle shooting as well. The farthest shot will be about 625 yards at angle 5 – 10°, the closest roughly 75 yards.

This event draws top tactical marksmen from around the country. Mark noted: “Last year, at our third SCPRC, and we had shooters from all over the US.” You can see highlights from the 2008 event in our Shooters’ Forum, and below are some photos from the 2008 Match:

Vu Pham from Nor-Cal (above) hit both his cold bore shots on day 1 & 2 last July. There was a 3.5″ Clay pigeon set at about 325 yards, with roughly a 10° down angle. In 2006, 7 out of 22 shooters made the hit, in 2008, 12 out of 34 shooters made the hit. Some folks don’t think that the 10°-15° slope makes a difference, but it does.

Above, Phil demonstrates textbook bipod shooting: working the bolt, maintaining a solid cheek weld and keeping an eye on the next target.

Click Here for Complete 2009 SCPRC Tactical Match Information.

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July 8th, 2009

Recommended "Tactical" Trousers for Shooters

Speaking of all things tactical, if you’re looking for a great pair of cargo pants at a good price, check out the $29.99 Propper F5220 Tactical Pants. This Editor has a couple pairs of F5220s and I’ve given them hard use 2-3 days a week since the beginning of the year. I highly recommend these pants. Offered in Black, Navy, Olive and Khaki for $29.99, this is a great product for the money. In my opinion, they’re every bit as good as the 5.11-brand tactical pants which cost $49.99. (Note: 5.11 pants are 100% cotton. After many washings, they may feel softer than the poly-blend Proppers. But they also wrinkle badly and will shrink a bit — unlike the F5220s.)

“Tactical” Pants vs. Denim Jeans
I much prefer cargo pants (aka “tactical trousers”) to regular jeans for field use. Propper’s tactical pants have a double-seat and double knee. The large side pockets are big enough to hold a shooters’ logbook on one side and a digital camera (or windmeter) on the other. The front slash pockets are deep and secure so keys and miscellaneous gear won’t fall out. The small pocket on the left is perfect for a cell phone. The waistband is elasticized around the back, improving comfort when you’re kneeling or bending.

Fit-wise, the F5220s were exactly the size advertised. Made from a 65 poly/35 cotton blend, they do NOT shrink in the wash. The Propper pants are truely wrinkle-resistant, so they look good enough that you can use them for general use, and they don’t scream “commando wannabee” like camo BDUs.

Lighter-Weight Version Offered
Do I have any criticisms of the Propper Tactical Pants? Well, with the elasticized waistband, fairly heavy fabric, and serious load capacity, you’ll probably need to wear a belt — always. By contrast, with my old 501 Levis, I don’t really need a belt. Also, on hot summer days, I wouldn’t mind a lighter-weight fabric. But for those very warm conditions, Propper offers the model F5243 Lightweight Tactical Trouser. It shares all the features (and pockets) of the F5220s, but comes in a lighter 65 poly/35 cotton Ripstop fabric.

Propper is a well-established American company that provides uniforms to the U.S. Military and to many Law Enforcement Agencies. I think you’ll be more than satisfied with the overall quality of Propper’s tactical pants, in terms of both materials and workmanship. You can purchase Propper clothing from or

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July 8th, 2009

"Big Dawg" Shehane Stocks Offer Extra Stability

Long-range benchresters and varminters seeking extra stability should take a look at the “Big Dawg” MBR Tracker from Bill Shehane (D&B Supply). This features a longer, deeper, and wider fore-end for added stability and more resistance to torque with the heavy calibers. Called the MBR ‘Big Dawg’, this stock is cut 4″ longer than a standard Shehane ST-1000 Tracker. This provides a “longer wheelbase” for better balance with very long (30″+) barrels. (The ST-1000 itself is 3″ longer than most benchrest stocks.) The Big Dawg is available with a 4″-wide or 5″-wide forearm, and will handle barrels up to 40″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter. In the top photo, taken by Forum member Preacher, you see a 4″-wide Big Dawg next to a normal ST-1000 Tracker. (Both stocks are symmetrical; there is distortion caused by wide-angle lens.)

This color pattern is what Bill calls “Prairie Dog Camo”, a Rutland laminate in orange and dark gray, with olive ‘accent’ layers. The price for a ‘Big Dawg’ in Rutland laminate is $525.00. In African Obeche wood (any color choice), the price is $725.00. For more info, contact Bill Shehane at (704) 824-7511, or visit his website,

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