July 24th, 2009

J.M. Browning House for Sale

If you’re a fan of classic American firearms (such as the A5 self-loading shotgun, Model 1895 rifle, Model 1897 pump shotgun, model 1911 pistol, and the legendary M2 50-cal BMG), here’s an item of interest.

The 8-bedroom Ogdon, Utah house originally built for John Moses Browning is on the market for $374,900. As John Moses Browning is widely considered to be a genius and the greatest American gun designer ever, this house is “hallowed ground” for Browning devotees. The house includes an attic suite with a room that served as Browning’s workshop. One wonders what remarkable designs were hatched in that attic workshop….

The Browning mansion, located at 505 27th St. in Ogden, is on Utah’s list of registered historic places. Described by the “Slugs & Plugs” Blog as “ultimate abode for the unapologetic gun nut and devotee of all things Browning,” the house is listed with agent Sue Wilkerson, Terra Venture Real Estate, (801) 393-1188; www.suewilkerson.com. Unfortunately there are no classic guns or gunsmithing memorabilia sold with the Ogden house.