July 27th, 2009

New Precision Rings with Level from Surgeon Rifles

Surgeon Rifles has engineered new, heavy-duty scope rings with unique features. First, the rear ring comes with a bubble level integrated into the top half. This smart invention eliminates one other pricey accessory you’d otherwise need to add separately. The new Surgeon rings are made of high-grade 7075 T6 Aluminum so they are strong yet light. The “wide-body” design offers a full 0.950″ of clamping surface (front to back), secured by three vertical hex-head fasteners per side. The rings will be offered in a variety of heights, from .875″ to 1.125″, in both 30mm and 34 diameters. A 0.625″-wide steel version is planned for later release. Ring sets will cost $199.00 and that includes the bubble level.

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

Surgeon uses 9-axis machining to ensure exact alignment of ring center with ring base. Preston Pritchett, Surgeon’s owner, explains: “The bottom of the ring is machined at the same time as the bore for the scope on a 9 axis machine. This is done in one operation to ensure that the bore is parallel with the bottom of the ring. We checked another brand and found that they were off .0025″ in .625 inch. We checked ours and found it to be within .0003 in .950.” These rings are very carefully designed and crafted to align square on the rail. Many Weaver-style rings have a sloppy fit on the rail so they can clamp slightly differently from one installation to the next. Surgeon uses alignment pins to ensure its rings clamp properly: “The silver pins you see are 1/8 dowel pins that keep the clamp square to the ring and at the right height.”

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

For more info on these rings, or to place an order, visit SurgeonRifles.com, or call Preston Pritchett at (405) 567-0183. Surgeon plans to be shipping ring sets in various sizes within three weeks.

AccurateShooter Surgeong Scope Rings

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