July 29th, 2009

Outshoot the Champ and Win $100 at Camp Perry

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky ChallengeHeaded to Camp Perry this summer? Take the “Bernosky Challenge” while you’re there and compete for over $1000 in cash prizes. The “Bernosky Challenge” is being conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program in cooperation with Creedmoor Sports.

Competitors in the Bernosky Challenge will fire the National Match Air Rifle Standing Course with the new Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR air rifles and compete against the current Camp Perry High Power champion, Carl Bernosky. One of America’s all-time great target rifle shooters, Carl won his 9th NRA National High Power Rifle Championship in 2008. This year, Bernosky will seek his 10th Championship using a Creedmoor CSR-1 Match Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

ANYONE who can beat Carl Bernosky in this air rifle challenge will receive $100. (See challenge rules for details.) Go to www.creedmoorsports.com or CLICK HERE for more details.

The new National Match Air Rifle discipline was developed by the CMP to simulate High Power rifle across-the-course shooting and provide adults with an air rifle discipline that builds on the popular junior three-position air rifle program. This NMAR discipline gives High Power competitors off-season shooting opportunities. One of three NMAR equipment classes is for air rifles configured like M16/AR-type rifles.The Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR rifle is one of these rifles. NMAR targets are scaled down High Power SR and MR targets. Courses of fire are closely related to current High Power courses.

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky Challenge

Thirty-five (35) Creedmoor NMAR rifles are available for anyone for use during this competition. CLICK HERE for more details!

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