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September 30th, 2009

World Long-Range Muzzle-Loading Championships at Butner

The 7th Long-Range World Muzzle-Loading Championships were held September 24-27 at Camp Butner, North Carolina. Shooters from seven nations competed at distances between 300 and 1,000 yards. Competitors employed percussion target rifles of 19th-century design (though many were modern reproductions). Typically between .40 and .50 caliber and weighing around fifteen pounds, these rifles represent the apogee of mid-1800s firearm technology.

The World Muzzle-Loading Championships, held since 1972, is the highest level of target shooting with muzzle-loading arms. Guns used range from Japanese matchlock muskets, through the flintlocks of the American Revolution, to the percussion arms of the Civil War era. Individual competitions are held in eight rifle, four pistol, and two shotgun events. Original antique arms and modern replicas compete in separate classes.

CLICK HERE for complete match results. American competitors excelled in the original-arms division of the matches. Firing 150-year-old antiques, Karl Kuehn took gold in the 1,000-yard match and silver in the 900-yard match, carrying him to triumph in the overall long-range aggregate and earning a bronze medal in the Grand Aggregate. Nor was Kuehn the only medalist. Al Roberts won the original division of the 600-yard match, while Mon Yee took bronze at 300 and 500 yards — scores which earned him bronze in the mid-range Agg as well.

The Long-Range Muzzle-Loading World Championship was held under the auspices of the Muzzle-Loading Associations International Committee (MLAIC), the world governing body for black powder competition. The 8th World Long-Range Championship will be held in 2011, at the famed Bisley range in Great Britain. Shown below is a Pedersoli Gibbs target rifle at Bisley during the UK National Championships. Repro rifles like this won 10 gold medals at the 2007 World LR muzzle loading championships in South Africa.

YouTube Preview Image

More information on long-range muzzle-loading is available at and (USA Team website).

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September 30th, 2009

F-Class Nationals at Camp Butner Commence

Speaking of Camp Butner (NC)… the 2009 F-Class National Championships commence today, Sept. 30th, at that range. America’s top F-Class shooters, and many competitors from overseas, will compete for honors in the nation’s fastest-growing long-range discipline. Competitors will be divided in two classes: Open and F-TR. Open Class allows any chambering under .40 caliber with a total weight of about 22 pounds, and a front pedestal rest may be used. F-TR class is limited to .223 Rem or .308 Winchester chamberings, with a max weight of 18.15 pounds. In most F-Class matches, F-TR shooters are limited to bipods — no pedestal front rests allowed.

John Sigler F-Class 2008 Nationals

Hosted by the North State Shooting Club, the Nationals kick off today (Sept. 30th) with open and team practice sessions. Thursday (Oct. 1) is the 600-yard phase of the event, followed by 1000-yard phases on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday is reserved as a make-up day in case of rain. On both Thursday and Friday, a 4-person team match follows the individual events. Barring rain delays, the National Champion will be crowned on Saturday after three final individual 1000-yard matches.

For more information, visit the North State Shooting Club website, or CLICK HERE to download the complete 2009 F-Class Nationals Program.

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September 30th, 2009

Swarovski Sale at

Now through the end of October, 2009, Cabela’s is running a major Sale on Swarovski Optics. You’ll find significant savings on Swarovski products. Many Swaro spotting scope models are $200.00 off, and Swaro binoculars have been discounted by as much as $250.00.

Cabela's Swarovski

To get Cabela’s best discounts on Swarovski products, click the sale icon below:

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September 29th, 2009

Gun Owners Nationwide Seek Veto of California AB 962

We reported recently that the California Legislature passed AB 962. This bill would require anyone buying pistol ammo to provide drivers’ license #, address, and a thumbprint. And, because AB 962 requires all pistol ammo sales to be “face to face”, the law would effectively ban mail-order ammo sales in California. While AB 962 targets pistol ammo sales, it could also apply to any type of rifle ammo that has been used in pistols (including single-shots). That would include 22LR, 22 rimfire magnum, .223 Rem, 6BR, 30-30, .308 Winchester, and more.

Opposition Efforts Gain Strength
Right now, unless CA Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes AB 962 before October 11, 2009, the bill will become law, effective February 1, 2011. Californians need your help convincing Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto AB 962. The good news is that many sportsmen and shooters, both inside and outside California, have already contacted the Governor. But opponents of AB 962 need to do more. The NSSF reports:

“With great support from Cabela’s and major distributors throughout the country, grassroots efforts to combat three anti-gun bills in California have been so strong that the Governor’s Office has had to open up another fax line (916-445-4633) to handle demands that he veto the anti-gun legislation. NSSF is encouraging all manufacturers, retailers and distributors, along with all sportsmen, gun owners and firearms enthusiasts, to continue calling, writing and faxing Gov. Schwarzenegger’s office urging him to veto AB 962 (ammunition registration).”

AB 962 May Affect Ammo Prices Outside California
Why should non-Californians care about this legislation? First, remember that over 10% of the nation’s population resides in California. If the CA market is effectively closed off to major mail-order ammo vendors, their volume will decrease significantly, and that could result in price hikes in other markets. Second, this law sets a terrible precedent. If California can effectively require registration of all persons who purchase ammo, you know that full gun registration will be the next step.

Accordingly, we request that all our readers take a few seconds to communicate with Gov. Schwarzenegger and ask him to veto AB 962. This is easy to do. You can quickly voice your opinion by calling, e-mailing, or faxing the Governor (fax line is 916-445-4633).

Telephone the Governor and Ask Him to Veto AB 962:

Step 1: Call 916-445-2841
Step 2: Press 1 for English
Step 3: Press 2 for commenting on a bill on the Governor’s desk
Step 4: Press 2 for AB 962
Step 5: Press 2 for Oppose

Email the Governor and Ask Him to Veto AB 962:

Step 1: Go to www.Gov.Ca.Gov/interact
Step 2: Fill in name and email address
Step 3: Select “GUN CONTROL” from pull-down menu
Step 4: Click “SUBMIT” (No, you’re not done yet!!)

A new page will open…

Step 5: Type in your message. It can be as simple as: “Please VETO AB 962. This bill will cost California in lost tax revenues. It also violates the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Step 6: Click SEND

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September 28th, 2009

World Side-by-Side Shotgun Championships in Maryland

The Order of Edwardian Gunners, aka The Vintagers, held the World Side by Side Championships at Pintail Point on Maryland’s Eastern shore this weekend. Founded in 1994, the Vintagers has held 13 annual events where those who love double-barreled shotguns come together once a year, many in Edwardian attire, and shoot their prized side-by-sides.

Double Shotgun

Ray Poudrier, President of the Order of Edwardian Gunners, describes the event as low-key, low-pressure, and something that everyone can enjoy. He said, in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the event, “Those that shoot to win often lose. Those who shoot for fun always win.” This is the fifth year that the Vintage Cup has been held at Pintail Point. Maryland’s Eastern shore is a perfect setting for the shotgun enthusiast as it is the site of some of the finest waterfowl hunting in the whole country.

Double Shotgun

The four-day event hosts matches for both hammer and hammerless side-by-sides in 10 – 410 gauge competitions. Special classifications for 10 gauge, and 16 (or lower) gauge guns, as well as Drillings and black powder cartridges, make for a variety of interesting stages. There is a two-man challenge where the shooter and their loader must shoot 200 targets in four minutes. A stalking rifle and stopping rifle combination event offers the double rifle shooter some fun with moving paper elephant and rhino targets at typical safari hunt distances.

Vendors from as far away as Europe offer some of the finest in side-by-side firearms, antique and modern, as well as vintage clothing and accouterments. There is a special “Bertie” award, the nick-name of King Edward VII of Great Britain, for the man and woman “whose attire, throughout the event, best celebrates the Edwardian period.” To learn more about the Vintage Cup, visit or write: The Vintagers, P.O. Box 31, Hawley, MA 01339.

Story by Phil Schreier, courtesy the NRA Blog. Large photo courtesy B. Searcy & Co..

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September 28th, 2009

ShootingUSA TV Features Creedmoor Black Powder Match

On Wednesday, Sept. 30th, Shooting USA television features the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) Creedmoor re-enactment, hosted at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The show, a repeat broadcast, features black powder muzzle-loaders and black powder cartridge shooters recreating one of the most famous rifle competitions of the 19th Century. This show airs multiple times this Wednesday, Sept. 30th, on the Outdoor Channel:

Eastern Time 4:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 12:00 Midnight
Central Time 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 11:00 PM
Mountain Time 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 10:00 PM
Pacific Time 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 9:00 PM

Creedmoor Black Powder Match

Rifle shooting was a very popular spectator sport in the 19th Century. Thousands of spectators came to watch long-range rifle matches held on “Creed’s Moor”, a range built by the NRA with funds from the New York state legislature. The first International Creedmoor match took place in 1874, when a group of Americans responded to a “Challenge to the Riflemen of America” from the Irish rifle team, considered the world’s best. The match was shot at 800, 900 and 1000 yards and was decided on the very last shot. After an Irish cross-fire near the end of the match, American John Bodine shot a final bullseye to win the international challenge cup. The U.S. team used a combination of breech-loading Remington Rolling Blocks and Sharps rifles. The Irish team used Rigby muzzle-loading rifles.

Click Here for Creedmoor Match History | Click Here to view 12’x6′ 1874 Match Target

BPCR long range bullets BPCR long range bullets
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September 27th, 2009

The MILLION Guns of August

These are tough economic times. We know a lot of folks who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut back as companies slash budgets. There’s a lot of belt-tightening going on as families, across the country, reduce their expenditures. Nonetheless, despite all the cutbacks, Americans are still buying firearms in record numbers. Americans may be able to live without luxuries, but not without their guns.

Over 1,000,000 NICS Checks in August
In August, 2009, Americans purchased over 1,000,000 firearms. According to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), there were 1,074,757 background checks in August 2009, a 12.3 percent increase from the 956,872 reported in August 2008. And so far this year, there have been 9,076,205 NICs checks. Keep in mind that a NICS check may cover the purchase of more than one firearm at a time, so total 2009 gun sales probably well exceed the 9,000,000 mark. If we assume, probably conservatively, that 10 million guns were sold so far in 2009, that’s one for every 30.8 citizens, based on current Census data.

Gun Manufacturers’ Stock Prices Have Tripled Since November
By most indicators, we may be in a major recession, but times are good for the big gun-makers. The stock prices of both Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR) have soared since the November Presidential election, reflecting the boom in gun sales. S&W stock, which bottomed at $1.79 on 11/20/08, traded for $5.14 per share on 9/25/2009 — nearly three times as high. On November 20, 2008, RGR traded at $4.52 and it closed at $12.91 this past Friday (9/25/2009). Now, don’t you wish you’d invested in some S&W or Ruger stock last year?

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September 27th, 2009

Improved Ultrasonic Cleaning with Citranox

Citranox Case CleanerForum Member Dave B., aka “Gunamonth”, is a chemist/physicist with decades of experience working with the ultrasound process. He has achieved great results cleaning cases via ultrasound. Dave tried a variety of solutions and he favors a mix of water and Citranox®. This achieved the best results, and did not require a separate neutralizing step if you rinse the cases thoroughly after. Citranox, mixed 1:75 or 1:100 with water (distilled H20 is best), is inexpensive to use. Phospate-free Citranox® contains a blend of organic acids, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and alkanolamines. For more information on using Citranox®, check out THIS FORUM THREAD.

Dave notes: “I had a lot of communication with the technical VP of Alconox about trying to clean fired cases with an ultrasonic unit. He sent me a copy of his ultrasonic cleaning manual and recommended a product called Citranox®. So far I’ve been very impressed. With once- or twice-fired brass they clean up very quickly. The worst cases I tried were 6 Dashers that had been fired ten times with Varget and never cleaned. The worst fouling was in the bottom of the case around the flash hole. They took longer and I used a more concentrated cleaning solution but they did come out clean. The price is reasonable. I paid $35 a gallon and for once- or twice-fired cases I dilute the cleaner 100 to 1. There is much less chemical reaction with the brass than there is with vinegar. No weird colors, just shiny bright. I even used it with hot water, which speeds up the cleaning process. No need to neutralize. Just rinse in running water and they’re squeaky clean. The cleaner is mostly detergents with a little citric acid. Even at a 1:75 ratio my $35 worth of cleaner will make 75 gallons of solution. It doesn’t seem to be reusable but 75 gallons is a whole lot of solution when I only use about two cups at a time.”

The price has gone up a bit since Dave acquired his Citranox, but sells Citranox for $40.00 per gallon, or you can buy a gallon of Citranox from LabSafety Supply for $46.40.

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September 26th, 2009

Electronic Target Systems — Fast, Precise, and Expensive

We live in a digital, electronic era. The very story you’re reading right now consists of digital data packets transmitted electronically around the globe. Because of cost factors, 99+% of shooting matches in the USA still rely on old-fashioned manual scoring methods. However, target scoring can be done faster and more precisely with electronic scoring systems. Olympic and international CISM shooting competitions now employ electronic target systems. And electronic scoring is widely used in Europe already.

Below is a video showing an electronic scoring system developed by Norway’s Kongsberg Mikroelektronikk AS. Watch as a prone shooter puts five rounds on a 300m target. You can see the group form on the video screen at his shooting station. He’s a good shooter (with an accurate rifle). The first three shots are touching.

As you can see from the video, viewing shots on the monitor is easier than using a spotting scope and waiting for targets to be marked. The electronic target eliminates the need for a crew of target pullers in the pits.

YouTube Preview Image

The Kongsberg system, like the electronic systems produced by Sius Ascor of Switzerland, do more than just display shot locations to the shooter. The target units automatically calculate scores, which are transmitted to a central computer. This can provide updated competitor rankings, and can even display the results to event spectators on large view screens.

CLICK HERE for a longer streaming Flash VIDEO showing how electronic target systems work. This video, produced by Sius Ascor, shows olympic target systems in action.

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September 25th, 2009

Records Fall in Calm Conditions at NBRSA 100/200 Benchrest Nationals

NBRSA Benchrest logoThe 2009 NBRSA 100/200 yard Benchrest (for Group) Nationals are underway this week in Missouri at the Benchrest Club of St. Louis. Conditions have been extraordinarily calm, with very little wind. As a result, a host of potential records have been set. At the completion of Unlimited (UNL), Sporter (SPTR), and Light Varmint (LV) classes, there have been thirteen (13) possible new World records shot, and more may come in the final Heavy Varmint (HV) relays. Potential records set so far include:

UNL 10-100: Tony Boyer and Eric Stanton
LV 5-100: Jack Neary and Tony Boyer
LV 5-200: Gene Bukys
LV Grand: Jack Neary and Tony Boyer
SPTR 5-200: Tom Libby
SPTR Grand: Jack Neary, Gary Ocock, Mike Ratigan, Mark Buettgen, and Rodney Brown.

Thus far, Jack Neary has won the Sporter Grand Aggregate, and he won the LV 100 with a spectacular 0.15+ Agg. We’ve been told that Gene Bukys won the SPTR 200 with yet another 0.15+ Agg. That’s amazing shooting by Jack and Gene. Tom Libby also shot a .093 in Sporter at 200 yards to set a potential record.

To give you an idea of how many shooters have turned in truly superior performances, there were 20 teen aggs in the LV 100 alone. Below are the Top Ten LV 100 Aggs. As one observer commented on Benchrest Central, “I can’t imagine how it must feel to shoot a .1690″ Agg and finish 7th…or worse yet, a .1498″ and NOT win!”

1. Jack Neary .1482 (Possible New World Record)
2. Tony Boyer .1498
3. Mike Conry .1574
4. John Horn .1626
5. Larry Costas .1648
6. Tim Courtney .1660
7. Larry Scharhorst. 1690
8. Lester Bruno .1708
9. Eddie Harris .1794
10. Bob Scarborough Jr. .1800

On Day 1 of the Unlimited Match, Tony Boyer shot brilliantly at 100 yards, nailing a 0.1894 Agg which lowers the existing record by 0.0271, a large margin in short range benchrest. The previous UNL 8-10-100 NBRSA World Record Agg was 0.2165 set by Lester Bruno in 2001. In the same St. Louis UNL 100 match, Eric Stanton also broke the existing record with an 0.2161.

We will update this report as more official results are received. If you have photos of the NBRSA 100/200 Nationals in St. Louis, please email them to Please include caption information (Date, Event, Shooter, Equipment etc.).

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September 25th, 2009

M1 Garands and Carbines Return from South Korea

Here’s good news for collectors of classic American military rifles. Over 100,000 M1 Garands and M1 Carbines are “returning home” from South Korea. The South Korean Defense Ministry recently announced plans to ship 86,000 Garands and 22,000 Carbines back to the United States for sale to American collectors. Originally made in the USA, these weapons were supplied by the US during the Korean and Vietnam war years.

South Korea M1 Garand Rifle
South Korea M1 Garand Rifle

M1 GarandThankfully, South Korea’s plan to return the Garands and Carbines to the United States has received a “green light” from American officials. “The US government recently approved our plan to sell old M1 and carbine rifles, which were given to our soldiers as part of a US aid programme,” a ministry spokesman declared.

Most of the arms have been in storage at military warehouses, only occasionally used for drills by reserve forces. While South Korea plans to send back most of its M1 Garands, it intends to retain another 640,000 carbines for reserve units. The 108,000 rifles set for return to America are collectively valued at over $108,000,000 (based on $1000.00 retail price per gun). Realistically, given the fact that CMP rack grade and service grade Garands sell for much less, we would hope many of these Korean returns would sell for quite a bit less than $1000.00. But, ultimately, supply and demand in the United States will dictate selling prices.

UPDATE: On August 12, 2010, the Korea Times reported that the U.S. Government is now opposing the return to the USA of the 108,000 Garands and Carbines. A Korean Defense Ministry source revealed that American officials were now claiming the weapons could cause accidents or “be smuggled to terrorists, gangs or other people with bad intentions”.

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September 24th, 2009

Lambeth Builds a Tack-Driving Savage Prone Rifle

North Carolina-based gunsmith Nat Lambeth is one of the gurus of the Savage world. He has built many highly competitive match rifles using Savage actions, employing his special accurizing methods. Nat recently built up a 6 BRX prone rifle using Gary Eliseo’s new S1 Savage Chassis. The 6 BRX, a 6BR improved with 30° shoulder, can be a very accurate cartridge, as demonstrated by Nat’s new rifle. Right out of the gate, this gun shot an 0.290 five-shot group during barrel break-in.

Savage Prone Rifle Eliseo

The rifle features a Savage Target action, factory Accutrigger, and a very accurate 32.5″, 8-twist Broughton 5C™ barrel. The load was Lapua 6BR brass hydraulically formed to 6 BRX, 32.5 grains of Hodgdon Varget, Wolf (Russian) SRM primers, and a Berger 105gr VLD bullet.

Nat really likes the 6 BRX chambering in a long-range prone rifle: “The 6mm BRX is like a 6mmBR on steroids. The whole purpose of the 6mm BRX and 6mm Dasher is to make the 6mmBR a better round for 600-1000 yard shooting. The have the advantages of the 6mmBR with a little more velocity. Most folks who shoot a 6mm BRX fire-form their 6mmBR brass by seating the bullets in the rifling and loading the 6mmBR case with a 90% load. The case expands into the larger chamber making a 6mmBR case now a 6mm BRX. [For this gun] I used my new Hornady Hydraulic Forming Die. [Editor: the hydraulic die will form the cases to about 95% of final shape using just the die, a water-filled case, and a mallet.] As you can see, the hydraulic die allowed me to start off with a standard 6mm BRX load from the get go. For optimum accuracy, barrel life, and case life the 6mm BRX seems to have an accuracy node between 3000 fps and 3080 fps.

Another factor is that the Broughton barrels seem to give about 100-150 fps more velocity. Almost every Broughton barrel that I have chambered seem to gain a little velocity after the first 200 rounds. I have chambered the 6mm BRX with most other barrel manufacturers and they all have shot well. This is a very sweet round.”

Savage Prone Rifle Eliseo

If you want to check out this rifle, head to the 2009 F-Class Nationals at Camp Butner, Sept. 30 – October 4. Nat explains: “This rifle will be at Butner for the F-Class Nationals and future matches and practices. I will have it and ammo available for those who would like to shoot it during the practice sessions both as a 6mm BRX and .308 Win.” For more info, call Nat Lambeth at (919) 556-0554 (Home/shop — evenings and weekends), (919) 662-6848 (cell), or email NLambeth [at]

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September 24th, 2009

FREE PDF File Creator and DOC Converter — 1-Day Special

PDF Word document converterHere is a useful, FREE program that will convert MS Word documents, Excel files, or Powerpoint presentations into universal .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents. Today only, September 24, 2009, the PDF Tiger program is FREE for the downloading (regular price is $29.95).

Who needs this kind of program? Well, if you prepare club newsletters or match reports, it’s a good idea to publish .PDF versions of your documents on the web. Additionally, if you have a gunsmithing or parts business with technical documents, you’ll want to offer .PDF versions of important files, such as price lists or installation instructions. Also, if you host shooting matches or clinics, you can provide .PDF versions of sign-up sheets and match rules. The benefit of .PDF (Acrobat) files is that they can be read by anyone with a web browser and the FREE Adobe Acrobat plug-in; also .PDF files can be easily scaled for printing. You could create a target in Powerpoint, for example, then save as a .PDF file for printing.

CLICK HERE to download PDF Tiger. (FREE today only. NOTE: The download comes with a help file listing a license key for full use. For the key to work, You MUST install the program before midnight 9/24 when the offer runs out.)

In addition to converting Word or Excel documents to .pdf files, PDF Tiger can also convert .PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files. So, if you’re running a club website, you can build web-friendly html pages starting with .PDF files.

PDF Word document converter

NOTE: PDFTiger is offered for FREE today only, as a promotion on a website that offers a new FREE software product each day of the year. If you miss today’s PDFTiger promotion, check for other free software products in the future.

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September 24th, 2009

American Gunsmithing Magazine Seeks New Editor

American Gunsmithing MagazineHere’s a “dream job” for someone with gunsmithing experience and writing skills. American Gunsmith magazine, the official publication of the American Gunsmithing Association, is looking for a new editor. The candidate shoud be something of a “jack of all trades” who is computer-savy and has multiple skills.

In edition to writing copy, the editor needs to do some basic layout functions, and edit photos. Duties involve writing original articles, editing contributed material to length, arranging for art and photography, and performing layout duties using InDesign CS2 templates.

According to the publisher, “No relocation is required if you have a broadband connection to the internet and possess the requisite computer skills. You’ll need a passion for the mechanics of firearms and superior communications skills.” To apply for the job, send a cover letter and resume to American Gunsmith publisher Tim Cole at

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September 23rd, 2009

First Shots Program Offered on National Hunting & Fishing Day

National Hunting Fishing DayThis Saturday, Sept. 26th, is National Hunting & Fishing Day (NHF Day). In connection with NHF Day, Ranges in Connecticut, Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Ohio will be hosting First Shots seminars on Saturday. There is also a program in Phoenix, AZ on the 24th. If you know someone who wants to get started in recreational shooting, attending a First Shots seminar can be a great way to go. Organizers provide everything one needs — guns, ammo, targets, safety gear, and instruction. Here’s a list of Ranges that will be holding First Shots Seminars in connection with NHF Day:

September 24
Shooters World: Phoenix, AZ

September 26
Seymour Fish & Game Club: Oxford, CT (Shotgun)

US Shooting Academy: Tulsa, OK 74117

Gainesville Target Range: Gainesville, FL

Fusilier Complex: Arnaudville, LA (Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun)

Elkin Fish and Game Club: Elkins, NH

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds: Vandalia, OH

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