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September 24th, 2009

Lambeth Builds a Tack-Driving Savage Prone Rifle

North Carolina-based gunsmith Nat Lambeth is one of the gurus of the Savage world. He has built many highly competitive match rifles using Savage actions, employing his special accurizing methods. Nat recently built up a 6 BRX prone rifle using Gary Eliseo’s new S1 Savage Chassis. The 6 BRX, a 6BR improved with 30° shoulder, can be a very accurate cartridge, as demonstrated by Nat’s new rifle. Right out of the gate, this gun shot an 0.290 five-shot group during barrel break-in.

Savage Prone Rifle Eliseo

The rifle features a Savage Target action, factory Accutrigger, and a very accurate 32.5″, 8-twist Broughton 5C™ barrel. The load was Lapua 6BR brass hydraulically formed to 6 BRX, 32.5 grains of Hodgdon Varget, Wolf (Russian) SRM primers, and a Berger 105gr VLD bullet.

Nat really likes the 6 BRX chambering in a long-range prone rifle: “The 6mm BRX is like a 6mmBR on steroids. The whole purpose of the 6mm BRX and 6mm Dasher is to make the 6mmBR a better round for 600-1000 yard shooting. The have the advantages of the 6mmBR with a little more velocity. Most folks who shoot a 6mm BRX fire-form their 6mmBR brass by seating the bullets in the rifling and loading the 6mmBR case with a 90% load. The case expands into the larger chamber making a 6mmBR case now a 6mm BRX. [For this gun] I used my new Hornady Hydraulic Forming Die. [Editor: the hydraulic die will form the cases to about 95% of final shape using just the die, a water-filled case, and a mallet.] As you can see, the hydraulic die allowed me to start off with a standard 6mm BRX load from the get go. For optimum accuracy, barrel life, and case life the 6mm BRX seems to have an accuracy node between 3000 fps and 3080 fps.

Another factor is that the Broughton barrels seem to give about 100-150 fps more velocity. Almost every Broughton barrel that I have chambered seem to gain a little velocity after the first 200 rounds. I have chambered the 6mm BRX with most other barrel manufacturers and they all have shot well. This is a very sweet round.”

Savage Prone Rifle Eliseo

If you want to check out this rifle, head to the 2009 F-Class Nationals at Camp Butner, Sept. 30 – October 4. Nat explains: “This rifle will be at Butner for the F-Class Nationals and future matches and practices. I will have it and ammo available for those who would like to shoot it during the practice sessions both as a 6mm BRX and .308 Win.” For more info, call Nat Lambeth at (919) 556-0554 (Home/shop — evenings and weekends), (919) 662-6848 (cell), or email NLambeth [at]

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September 24th, 2009

FREE PDF File Creator and DOC Converter — 1-Day Special

PDF Word document converterHere is a useful, FREE program that will convert MS Word documents, Excel files, or Powerpoint presentations into universal .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents. Today only, September 24, 2009, the PDF Tiger program is FREE for the downloading (regular price is $29.95).

Who needs this kind of program? Well, if you prepare club newsletters or match reports, it’s a good idea to publish .PDF versions of your documents on the web. Additionally, if you have a gunsmithing or parts business with technical documents, you’ll want to offer .PDF versions of important files, such as price lists or installation instructions. Also, if you host shooting matches or clinics, you can provide .PDF versions of sign-up sheets and match rules. The benefit of .PDF (Acrobat) files is that they can be read by anyone with a web browser and the FREE Adobe Acrobat plug-in; also .PDF files can be easily scaled for printing. You could create a target in Powerpoint, for example, then save as a .PDF file for printing.

CLICK HERE to download PDF Tiger. (FREE today only. NOTE: The download comes with a help file listing a license key for full use. For the key to work, You MUST install the program before midnight 9/24 when the offer runs out.)

In addition to converting Word or Excel documents to .pdf files, PDF Tiger can also convert .PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files. So, if you’re running a club website, you can build web-friendly html pages starting with .PDF files.

PDF Word document converter

NOTE: PDFTiger is offered for FREE today only, as a promotion on a website that offers a new FREE software product each day of the year. If you miss today’s PDFTiger promotion, check for other free software products in the future.

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September 24th, 2009

American Gunsmithing Magazine Seeks New Editor

American Gunsmithing MagazineHere’s a “dream job” for someone with gunsmithing experience and writing skills. American Gunsmith magazine, the official publication of the American Gunsmithing Association, is looking for a new editor. The candidate shoud be something of a “jack of all trades” who is computer-savy and has multiple skills.

In edition to writing copy, the editor needs to do some basic layout functions, and edit photos. Duties involve writing original articles, editing contributed material to length, arranging for art and photography, and performing layout duties using InDesign CS2 templates.

According to the publisher, “No relocation is required if you have a broadband connection to the internet and possess the requisite computer skills. You’ll need a passion for the mechanics of firearms and superior communications skills.” To apply for the job, send a cover letter and resume to American Gunsmith publisher Tim Cole at

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