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September 9th, 2009

Sig Sauer Offers 'Cash for Klunkers' Program

SIG SAUER 556 rifleCopying the promotion that has boosted sales of new automobiles, SIG SAUER is now offering $200.00 if you trade in an old handgun and purchase a new Sig pistol or SIG556 rifle. As SIG SAUER still makes some of the best pistols on the market, this is an attractive offer for those who need a quality handgun such as a P226 or P220.

Details of Offer
Purchase a new SIG SAUER® P220, P226, P229, 1911, SIG556 pistol, or SIG556 rifle from September 7th through November 30th, 2009, and SIG SAUER will give you $200.00 for your old KLUNKER pistol or revolver. To receive your $200.00 payment, send your old handgun with a copy of Form 4473 and proof of purchase of your new SIG pistol (or SIG556 rifle) to: SIG SAUER, Inc., 18 Industrial Drive, Exeter, NH 03833, ATTN: CK-1 .

Sig Sauer Cash for Klunkers

What Qualifies for the $200.00 Rebate
A qualifying “KLUNKER” can be from any manufacturer, but semi-autos must be at least 9mm caliber, while revolvers must be at least .38 caliber. The gun must be operational and free from cracks in frame or other key components. NOTE: Sig Sauer reserves the right to reject any firearm submitted as a KLUNKER that does not meet Sig’s criteria. To get the $200.00, you MUST submit your old gun on or before 12/4/2009. This is an absolute deadline — NO EXCEPTIONS.

CLICK HERE to download the KLUNKER Program Rules.

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September 9th, 2009

Handgun Storage Racks and Gunsafe Accessories

We found some interesting, well-designed racks and gunsafe accessories on the website. First, we were impressed with the 7-slot handgun rack with built-in storage (larger 10- and 12-gun sizes are available). This is the first design we’ve seen that offers organized storage right below the handguns — a perfect place for mags or ammo. There are many different versions, with your choice of drawers, divided compartments, or an open sub-shelf. A 7-gun rack with 4 drawers costs $79.95, while a 7-gun rack with dividers runs $49.95. The 7-gun Greystone rack, with one long shelf below the guns, costs $49.95.

Manabout Handgun Racks

They say “rust never sleeps”. When storing firearms you want to maintain optimal interior temperature and relative humidity inside the safe. By keeping the humidity above the dew point, moisture won’t condense on your guns, leading to rust. Here’s a simple, Digital Humidity & Temperature Monitor that costs just $14.95. With a 3″ x 2″ footprint, it’s small enough to put anywhere in your safe.

Temperature Humidity Meter

Shown below is a slick, battery-powered LED light. The LED lamp holder swivels, allowing you to direct illumination where you want it. This unit, measuring 7.1″ x 1.8″ x 0.9″, is very flat so it doesn’t take up much space. Mounting is easy — the lamp comes with both magnetic and Velcro-type fasteners. Because this lamp uses LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs, the AAA batteries last a long time. This swiveling LED lamp, in either silver or gloss black finish, costs $12.95 on the web and you may find it for less in a large home-supply store.

LED Swivel gunsafe light

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