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October 30th, 2009

AccurateShooter Forum Impresses Users with Speed and Features

This week we activated our new, enhanced Shooters’ Forum. The Forum has been re-installed with speedier software on a fast, dedicated server. If you haven’t visited our Forum yet, you should check it out. Users have been very pleased. Brand 962 says: “Fantastic upgrades. Well worth the wait.” Mike (aka Pdog06) reports: “The Forum is way faster on my end than before. I also like the fact that there are now timestamps on posts and PMs, which can help out in the classifieds when you get multiple ‘I’ll take it’ responses.”

Set your bookmarks to

AccurateShooter Forum

How to Log In to the New Forum
If you were registered in our Forum before, you can use the SAME User Name and SAME Password on the new Forum. However, on your first visit to the New Forum you’ll need to log-in TWO TIMES in a row to activate your account. The first log-in captures your name and password, and encrypts the info for higher security. The second log-in will activate your account. Thankfully, most people have figured this out. Note that your password is CASE SENSITIVE now. So, if it was all lower case before, you need to type it exactly that way.

Forum Attachments Now Working
When we launched this new Forum we imported over 3500 file attachments (mostly pictures), from the old Forum. That was a very difficult task and we had a few glitches. Now all the attachments are linked up successfully so the attachment feature is live and “open for business”. To attach files to a post you can either upload your image to an image host (such as then simply paste the code for the picture into your post. We recommend using a third-party image host for photos, as this will display your pictures full size (or any size you set during upload).

AccurateShooter Forum

But, if you prefer, you can also upload your images as attachments. Your files will then be stored on our server. To upload image attachments, click on the “Additional Options” link below the text box. This will display the attachments option. Click “Choose” to find a file on your computer hard-drive. NOTE: Max file size for an attached file is 150kb so you may have to re-size your images before loading.

Once you’ve designated a file attachment, you can add more attachments the same way if you want. Then, when all the attachments are listed, click POST. Your files will be uploaded to our server and will appear in the post as 180-pixel thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image.

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October 29th, 2009

Voight Wins USPSA 3-Gun Championship in Tight Battle with Miculek

In a back and forth battle, Michael Voigt held off defending National Champion Jerry Miculek to win the Open title at the 2009 U.S. Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) Multi-Gun National Championships held October 22-25 in Boulder City, Nevada. During the 3-day match, Voigt and Miculek exchanged the lead seven times in one of the closest head-to-head duels in the history of Multi-Gun competition. At the Multi-Gun Nationals, 135 top shooters from around the country competed in a shooting format that utilizes rifle, shotgun, and pistol, demanding shooting speed and accuracy with all three weapons.

Michael Voigt USPSA Pro Tips

Team STI’s Voigt and Miculek of Team Smith & Wesson were neck and neck through 10 stages, exchanging the overall lead. After Miculek won Stage 10, the match turned in Voigt’s favor when Voigt won Stage 11, scoring 200 stage points, nearly 100 points better than Miculek. Miculek won the 12th and final stage of the match but it was not enough. Voigt finished with a final score of 2178.2303, placing him over 75 points ahead of Miculek, the 2008 champion.

Michael Voigt has been a force to be reckoned with in USPSA competition since 1979. He has served as USPSA President, and he has been the best in the world with pistol, rifle and shotgun ever since Multi-Gun Competition became a part of USPSA Matches. Voigt’s latest Open Class victory marks his ninth USPSA 3-Gun National Title.

Voigt Reveals Match-Winning Skills and Strategies
If you’re interested in three-gun competition and want to shoot like a champion, check out Michael Voigt’s “Pro Tips” on In six training sessions, Voigt explains and demonstrates the key skills needed for the multi-gun game. Voigt’s tips were broadcast as a regular part of Shooting USA’s Sighting In segments, and summaries are available online, complete with photos and Michael’s expert commentary.

Michael Voigt USPSA Pro Tips

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October 29th, 2009

RCBS ChargeMaster on Sale at Natchez — $279.95

Natchez Shooters Supplies currently has the RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 Scale and Dispenser combo (item RC98923) on sale for just $279.95, a very good price. These units have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Now even some short-range benchresters are weighing their loads with RCBS ChargeMasters. When these units are set up correctly (i.e. level in all planes) and kept away from wind drafts or electrical interference, they work very well. After acquiring his ChargeMaster earlier this year, Jason Baney, our assistant editor, told us: “Man, I wish I had this thing years ago… it probably cuts my reloading time in half.”

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October 29th, 2009

Versatile $40.00 Sling Bag Holds Lots of Gear

Looking for a sturdy, versatile shoulder/sling bag that doesn’t look like a “metrosexual” man-purse? Check out the Rapid Deployment Pack (RPD) from Natchez. Sturdily made from heavy-duty nylon with beefy fasteners and a quick-release front buckle, the RPD offers plenty of storage in a 10″ H x 12″ W x 3″ D format. On the front the RPD has velcro-secured mag pockets which can also be used for hand-held radios, wind meters or other gear.

tactical shoulder bag

While other companies offer similar bags for up to $120.00, the RPD retails for $26.99. That’s a lot less than most sling bags cost. This editor personally likes this bag (made by U.S. Peacekeepers) because it will hold a 10″ netbook (and paper notepads) in the main compartment, while I can put my still camera and video camera in the mag pockets. The $81.00 Maxpedition “Jumbo”, while otherwise a good bag, is a bit too small to carry a netbook easily in the main compartment. The RPD has the carrying capacity I need for assignment work, without being too large. In the field the RPD can easily carry your wind meter, laser rangefinder, log book, spare mag, and water bottle, making this a useful option for tactical comps. The RPD offers serious utility for half the price of the Maxpedition Jumbo.

Tactical Shoulder Bag

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October 28th, 2009

Gun Give-Away Contest on

Smith & Wesson MP15Every month offers a handsome new firearm in a drawing. This month the prize is a S&W M&P 15, a 5.56 (.223 Rem) AR15 clone with adjustable stock and iron sights. The MSRP $1,406.00. To enter the contest, you need to provide personal info and the name of an FFL-holder to whom the gun can be shipped. In addition, you need to answer a question. The question this week relates to the Bianchi Cup: “What is the highest possible score on the barricades at Bianchi?” Suggested answers range from 370 to 1920. The answer can be found by watching this week’s episode of Shooting USA.

HINT: there are 48 shots total in the Barricade Event.

Smith & Wesson MP15

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October 28th, 2009

NRA Certified Instructors Qualify for Special Offers

The NRA is looking to expand the ranks of Certified Firearms Instructors. And no, you’re not expected to become an instructor just for the glory, or for the simple joy of teaching. There are some real benefits to be had….

NRA Certified Instructors receive discounts from some of the leading companies in the shooting sports industry. Aimpoint, Beretta, Blackhawk, and Crimson Trace are just a few of the companies that provide special offers to NRA Certified Instructors.

The NRA Training Department lists discounts and promotions for Certified Instructors on the web. You can also find special offers in the latest issue of the Shooting Education Update, a PDF-format e-zine you can download.

NRA Certified Instructors

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October 27th, 2009

Billy Copelin Dominates NBRSA 1000-Yard Nationals

Billy Copelin dominated the 2009 NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals in Sacramento, winning the National Championship and setting four pending records in the process. Billy used a 17-pounder in Light Gun Class, and a bigger rifle in Heavy Gun Class, but both were chambered for the 6mm Dasher. The little case, an improved version of the 6mmBR Norma, performed brilliantly in Billy’s hands. Along with his overall championship, Copelin won Two-Gun Group Agg (6.566″), Two-Gun Score Agg (840-8X), Light Gun Group Agg (4.611″), Heavy Gun Group Agg (8.522″), and Heavy Gun Score Agg (561-4X).

Billy Copelin National Champion

Jim O’Connell, official match scorer, observed: “It was Billy Copelin’s weekend as he won just about everything that wasn’t nailed down. On his way to winning the 2009 National Championship, Billy set four new records and earned himself a spot in the Hall of Fame (joining Jerry Tierney and Don Nielson). Congratulations to Billy…that was some fine shooting!” Copelin’s four pending records are: 3-Target LG Score (147-3X); 6-Target LG Group (4.611″); 2-Gun 12-Target Score (840-8X); and 2-Gun 12-Target Group (6.566″). Below is a video of Copelin shooting at the 600-yard NBRSA Nationals in 2008.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this VideoPress video.

Generally Good Conditions Prevail
Fairly nice weather conditions prevailed for the 2009 NBRSA 1000-Yard National Championship. As a result, some fine scores were fired. Ventura, CA shooter Barry Bluhm, who won the Light Gun Score title with an impressive 279-6X, told us “There was nice weather most of the time all three days. Winds were 3 to 6 mph, but they didn’t stay the same. During some relays, winds got twitchy and would switch from side to side. If you missed a wind call, you could get burned.”

Barry, who does testing for as one of our elite “designated trigger pullers”, noted that while Copelin “pretty much cleaned everyone’s clock with his Dashers”, a lot of guys shot big cartridges in Heavy Gun Class. George Tompkins was shooting 300gr bullets from a massive, metal-stocked Maxi chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum.

Jerry Tierney finished second overall in this year’s NBRSA 1K Nationals. Jerry, the 2008 NBRSA 600-yard Champion, brought his .284 Winchester to the match, “making LG weight by an ounce or so.” Tierney, who is renowned for his wind-doping skills, tells us “he was rooting for the wind to blow, but it was Dasher weather.” Jerry added that the big boomers did not distinguish themselves: “The true heavies made a lot of noise but were not really in the running in these conditions. It was strictly a Dasher weekend, and a really great shooter [Copelin] behind a Dasher finished on top.” Tierney added that Copelin really deserved the championship: “Billy’s been at it many years; we all knew he was going to win the big one someday.”

Great Shooting by Many Competitors
Though Copelin hauled away the biggest trophies, there were many impressive performances by other shooters. Jay McMunn shot an amazing 2.445″, five-shot Small Group in Light Gun, and Stu Harvey wasn’t far behind at 2.473″. Charles Greer nailed two ten-shot 99s in Heavy Gun and one was a very small 6.649″ to boot. Robert Hoppe and T. Johnson both had 10-shot HG groups under 5.5″ (though Copelin shot smallest of all with a 4.907″ in HG).

Overall Rankings, using the NBRSA scoring system, which counts placements for both score and group, are listed below (lowest total wins). CLICK HERE to download complete results with group and score rankings for all events. We send a big “Thank-You” to Jim O’Connell from providing these match results so quickly.

National Champion — BILLY COPELIN (5 total points)
Second Place — GERALD TIERNEY (24)
Third Place — KENNETH SCHROEDER (26)
Fourth Place — CHARLES GREER (31)
Fifth Place — BARRY BLUHM (33)
Sixth Place — GREG WILSON (44)
Seventh Place — ROBERT HOPPE (46)
Eighth Place — LOU MURDICA (47)
Ninth Place — T. JOHNSON (54)
Tenth Place — GARY NOBLE (55)

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October 27th, 2009

CMP Re-Launches Forum For CMP Sales and Events

The CMP recently launched a new, upgraded CMP Online Forum that’s faster and easier to navigate. The New Forum features 18 categories, covering CMP Sales, Auctions, and CMP events. There are separate sub-boards for Bolt-Action Rifles, M1 Carbines, M1 Garands, and Smallbore rifles. At the top of the new CMP Forum you’ll find links for Competition, Rifle Tech Info, and Sales. NOTE: Even if you were a member of the CMP’s Old Forum, you must re-register on the new site. The Old Forum will remain online for a few months, though it is now closed to new posts.

CMP Forum

CLICK HERE to visit CMP Online Forum

The newly updated forum also has a marketplace area (for parts trading), and a calendar section where readers can post info about Regional matches and events. Collectors should watch the Auctions category for advanced notice of items to be auctioned on the CMP’s online Auction Site.

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October 26th, 2009

New AccurateShooter Forum Goes Live — Check it Out

Today we activated the new FORUM for The new Forum includes all the info from the original Forum, including photos and attachments. Our new FORUM uses a new dedicated server for faster page display and quicker searches. In addition, the new software provides many new (and often-requested) features, such as direct feedback for members who buy and sell via our classifieds.

CLICK HERE to visit new FORUM.

Please set your bookmarks to:

Same Names and Same Passwords Will Work
If you were already a member of our Shooters’ Forum, you can log-in with the SAME User Name and SAME password as before. However, the first time you log in to the new Forum, you may have to enter name and password two times in a row. (The first input installs and encrypts your password; when you enter name + password a second time, the server “sees” the password and logs in your account).

AccurateShooter Shooters Forum

The new forum replicates ALL the threads and posts from the existing forum, so the new FORUM will have all the information accumulated in the last five years. This includes tons of valuable load data and reloading information. You can also see thousands of images in our new FORUM. And we even retained all the private messages, so you won’t lose any info found there.

Some Attachment Issues Remain
In moving from the old server to the new FORUM server, we had to parse and move over 3500 attachments. This was a very difficult task and there are some technical issues that remain to be resolved. When you access your personal profile on the new FORUM, you may see a file that you attached to an old post. Don’t wory about that… we’re working on a fix. Likewise, some members may see an old attachment at the top of the FORUM front page, but we think we’ve got that resolved.

When creating a new thread (topic), or replying to a post, you can still attach a digital image stored on a third-party hosting site such as or And, while our attachment system is up and running, we request that you do not use the attachment feature yet to attach new files. Please upload your photos to a 3rd party host instead… for a few more days. This way if we have to re-format the attachments, your file(s) won’t be lost.

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October 25th, 2009

Redesigned "Gen-4" Glocks Slated for 2010 Release

Beretta pistolGlock has announced that it will introduce a new “Fourth Generation” Glock handgun with an interchangeable grip back-straps and improved ergonomics. The new “GEN-4″ Glock will probably be unveiled at the January 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, though Glock hasn’t commited to a SHOT Show release. According to the Guns, Holsters & Gear Blog, “[GEN-4] Glocks are rumored to have a textured finish that is not nearly as aggressive as the RTF2 introduced at the 2009 SHOT Show. The new finish is said to be rougher than the prior generations, but easier on the hands and clothes than the RTF2.”

Glock has been hugely successful selling polymer-framed handguns to the law enforcement, military, and civilian markets. While Glocks enjoy an enviable reputation for durability and reliability, for many handgunners, Glock ergonomics are second rate. This editor has personally trained novice shooters with both a Glock 17 and Sig p226 9mm. More often than not, when the novices switch from the Glock to the Sig, their 10-yard groups shrink from basketball size to softball size — primarily because of the superior Sig grip size and shape. That’s not to say that Glocks are not accurate — they can be very accurate — it’s just that the Glock grip is far from ideal for many shooters.

Beretta pistolFor decades Glock has stubbornly refused to redesign or improve the grip on Glock handguns (other than adding finger grooves of questionable utility). Meanwhile, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, and Walther have offered polymer-framed handguns with more comfortable, ergonomic grips fitted with interchangeable grip back-straps. These “swappable” back-straps come in different sizes to provide a better, more custom fit for the shooter. Women with small hands, in particular, benefit from a thinner back-strap.

The success of Smith & Wesson in securing large police contracts for its adjustable-gripped, S&W M&P pistol has finally prompted Glock to come up with a major grip redesign. Glock has been losing market share as police departments nationwide have traded in their Glocks in favor of the more ergonomic Smith M&Ps.

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October 24th, 2009

Primers and Load Velocity: CCI-BR2 vs. Wolf in .308 Win

We are often asked “Can I get more velocity by switching primer types?” The answer is “maybe”. The important thing to know is that changing primer types can alter your load’s performance in many ways — velocity average, velocity variance (ES/SD), accuracy, and pressure. Because there are so many variables involved you can’t really predict whether one primer type is going to be better or worse than another. This will depend on your cartridge, your powder, your barrel, and even the mechanics of your firing pin system.

Interestingly, however, a shooter on another forum recently did a test with his .308 Win semi-auto. Using Hodgdon Varget powder and Sierra 155gr Palma MatchKing (item 2156) bullets, he found that Wolf Large Rifle primers gave slightly higher velocities than did CCI-BR2s. Interestingly, the amount of extra speed (provided by the Wolfs) increased as charge weight went up, though the middle value had the largest speed variance. The shooter observed: “The Wolf primers seemed to be obviously hotter and they had about the same or possibly better ES average.” See table:

Varget .308 load 45.5 grains 46.0 grains 46.5 grains
CCI BR2 Primers 2751 fps 2761 fps 2783 fps
Wolf LR Primers 2757 fps 2780 fps 2798 fps
Speed Delta 6 fps 19 fps 15 fps

You can’t extrapolate too much from the table above. This describes just one gun, one powder, and one bullet. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) as they say. However, this illustration does show that by substituting one component you may see significant changes. Provided it can be repeated in multiple chrono runs, an increase of 19 fps (with the 46.0 grain powder load) is meaningful. An extra 20 fps or so may yield a more optimal accuracy node or “sweet spot” that produces better groups. (Though faster is certainly NOT always better for accuracy — you have to test to find out.)

WARNING: When switching primers, you should exercise caution. More speed may be attractive, but you have to consider that the “speedier” primer choice may also produce more pressure. Therefore, you must carefully monitor pressure signs whenever changing ANY component in a load.

CCI BR2 primers wolf rifle primers

Plenty of CCI-BR2 and Wolf Large Rifle Primers in Stock
If you’re looking for either the CCI BR-2 or Wolf Large Rifle Primers, currently has both in stock. The CCI BR2 primers (item CCIBR2) cost $42.50 per 1000. The Wolf LR Primers (item QQQLR KVB-7) cost $29.50 per 1000 OR $142.00 per 5000.

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October 24th, 2009

Ammo Sale at Cabela's

ammunition Cabelas.comA sure sign that ammunition supplies are on the rise (and panic buying has abated) is when vendors start cutting back prices. Well folks, Cabela’s has just announced a major ammo sale, with prices marked down as much as 25%. Here are some of Cabela’s discounted offerings:

  • Black Hills Gold .308 Win, 180gr Nosler Accubond cosmetic seconds (item 9IS-217122). Sale Price: $21.99 for 20 rounds (Reg. $29.99).
  • Federal 5.56mm NATO 55gr FMJBT Ammo on Stripper Clips (item 9IS-217197). Sale Price: $519.99 for 900 rounds (Reg: $649.99).
  • Ulyanovsk 7.62×39 Ammo, 122gr FMJ in Metal Tin (item 9IS-217277). Sale Price: $159.99 for 640 rounds.
  • Winchester USA Rifle Ammo (item 9IS-210889). Sale Price: $13.99 for 20 rounds (Reg. $16.99).
  • To get the lowest discounted prices, click the WEB DEALS link at left.

    Much of Cabela’s ammunition inventory remains “sold out”, but the curren Ammo Sale is a good sign that the situation is getting better and the days of bare shelves and panic buying may be behind us. We note that large supplies of primers are also starting to arrive at vendors such as Powder Valley (Wolf) and (CCI and Wolf).

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