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October 19th, 2009

USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals Oct. 22-25 in Nevada

From October 22-25, the 2009 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals will be held at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club (BRPC) in Boulder City, Nevada. USPSA Multi-Gun matches are exciting events, with timed stages requiring shooters to engage multiple targets with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Some stages involve all three weapons, while other stages may be for pistol only, shotgun only, rifle only, or two weapons, such as pistol and shotgun. All twelve stages in the 2009 event are illustrated in the USPSA Stage Map, a 12-page PDF file.

Shown below is Stage 10, “Dark Alley”, a Rifle + Shotgun + Handgun stage. Shooters fire 12 handgun rounds, 11 shotgun rounds, 18 rifle rounds plus 11 rounds shooters’ choice (pistol or shotgun) for a total possible score of 270 points. Fixed targets are: 12 Metric, 11 PP, 11 Clay Birds, and 6 Flashers. All targets must be engaged in a specified order, with a designated weapon (or shooter’s choice). As you can tell, these stage scenarios can be complicated, so it takes good planning and tactics to do well, in addition to accuracy and trigger-pulling speed.

USPSA Nationals

Notes for Competitors
The round count is approximately 160 rounds of handgun, 110 rounds of rifle, 115 rounds of birdshot and 20 slugs. There are some targets that may be taken with your choice of firearms, be sure to bring some extra ammunition for each firearm for reshoots, extra shots, etc. Match directors have announced that BRPC will provide one of its 100-yard bays for sight-in on Thursday afternoon only from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Squad schedules are now complete. CLICK HERE to download PDF squad schedule.

The official Match Hotel is the Sunset Station Casino & Hotel in Henderson, NV. The reserved block of rooms at the Sunset Station appears to have been filled. However, if you need a room at the match hotel and have been informed that the block is full, please email Matt Pickhardt ( or call Matt at 360-855-2245 and he’ll get a room added for you. At this point rooms must be added individually to avoid USPSA being charged for rooms not used.

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October 19th, 2009

NRA Tournament News Debuts in January — Subscriptions Offered

Shooting Sports USA magazineWe received this news from Chip Lohman, Managing Editor of Shooting Sports USA.

Chip tells us that: “Beginning in January, 2010, NRA Tournament News will be distributed as a bi-monthly newsletter of NRA-sanctioned tournament schedules and local match results from the free online edition of Shooting Sports USA magazine. Subscribers who prefer delivery [via] their traditional mailbox may purchase an annual subscription for $15. To order, please call 877-NRA-2000 or send a check (made payable to NRA) to: NRA Tournament News, c/o National Rifle Association of America, PO Box 420674, Palm Coast, FL 32164-0674 and provide the following subscription code: M9KTNEWS.”

Chris adds: “We’re excited about this, but hard-pressed to get the word out to those who need it the most -– those without a computer. Please ask readers to pass the word.”

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