October 8th, 2009

Ruger Releases 'Target Tactical' 10/22 in Hogue Stock

In our report about the new Tactical Rimfire discipline pioneered in California, we predicted that the major manufacturers would eventually develop rifles tailored for this fun, low-cost shooting sport. Sure enough, Ruger has released a new version of its popular 10/22 rifle that would be well-suited for tactical rimfire matches.

Rimfire Tactical Ruger

The new Ruger 10/22VLEH Target Tactical Rifle (TTR) features a Hogue OverMoldedĀ® synthetic stock, and a compact 16-1/8″ bull barrel (.920″ OD). The Hogue stock comes with double palm swells, a varminter-style forend, and sling swivel studs. Ruger’s TTR ships with a scope rail on top of the receiver, and Ruger includes an adjustable (non-swivel) bipod with the rifle.

Overall, there is nothing really ground-breaking about this rifle, but Ruger has included some useful upgrades (stock, scope rail, bipod), that make the rifle more suitable for gun games. Rather than buy a low-end 10/22 and toss the barrel and original stock, a shooter can now buy a 10/22 that’s pretty much ready to go (except for a trigger upgrade). Adults shooting the new 10/22 TTR will want to add buttpad spacers as the gun ships with a very short 12 3/4″ length of pull from the factory.

Rimfire Tactical Ruger