October 26th, 2009

New AccurateShooter Forum Goes Live — Check it Out

Today we activated the new FORUM for AccurateShooter.com. The new Forum includes all the info from the original Forum, including photos and attachments. Our new FORUM uses a new dedicated server for faster page display and quicker searches. In addition, the new software provides many new (and often-requested) features, such as direct feedback for members who buy and sell via our classifieds.

CLICK HERE to visit new FORUM.

Please set your bookmarks to: http://www.accurateshooter.com/forum/.

Same Names and Same Passwords Will Work
If you were already a member of our Shooters’ Forum, you can log-in with the SAME User Name and SAME password as before. However, the first time you log in to the new Forum, you may have to enter name and password two times in a row. (The first input installs and encrypts your password; when you enter name + password a second time, the server “sees” the password and logs in your account).

AccurateShooter Shooters Forum

The new forum replicates ALL the threads and posts from the existing forum, so the new FORUM will have all the information accumulated in the last five years. This includes tons of valuable load data and reloading information. You can also see thousands of images in our new FORUM. And we even retained all the private messages, so you won’t lose any info found there.

Some Attachment Issues Remain
In moving from the old server to the new FORUM server, we had to parse and move over 3500 attachments. This was a very difficult task and there are some technical issues that remain to be resolved. When you access your personal profile on the new FORUM, you may see a file that you attached to an old post. Don’t wory about that… we’re working on a fix. Likewise, some members may see an old attachment at the top of the FORUM front page, but we think we’ve got that resolved.

When creating a new thread (topic), or replying to a post, you can still attach a digital image stored on a third-party hosting site such as PhotoBucket.com or ImageCave.com. And, while our attachment system is up and running, we request that you do not use the attachment feature yet to attach new files. Please upload your photos to a 3rd party host instead… for a few more days. This way if we have to re-format the attachments, your file(s) won’t be lost.