October 19th, 2009

NRA Tournament News Debuts in January — Subscriptions Offered

Shooting Sports USA magazineWe received this news from Chip Lohman, Managing Editor of Shooting Sports USA.

Chip tells us that: “Beginning in January, 2010, NRA Tournament News will be distributed as a bi-monthly newsletter of NRA-sanctioned tournament schedules and local match results from the free online edition of Shooting Sports USA magazine. Subscribers who prefer delivery [via] their traditional mailbox may purchase an annual subscription for $15. To order, please call 877-NRA-2000 or send a check (made payable to NRA) to: NRA Tournament News, c/o National Rifle Association of America, PO Box 420674, Palm Coast, FL 32164-0674 and provide the following subscription code: M9KTNEWS.”

Chris adds: “We’re excited about this, but hard-pressed to get the word out to those who need it the most -– those without a computer. Please ask readers to pass the word.”

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October 18th, 2009

Remington to Sell Civilian ACR Rifle in Early 2010

This past week, Remington held a new products seminar in Kerrville, TX. While Remington tried to impose a “news embargo” through November 15, details leaked out about many of Remington’s new guns.

Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle ACR

The big news is the planned release of a civilian, semi-auto version of the Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR). The Guns and Hunting Blog “spilled the beans”, revealing that Remington plans to sell a semi-auto ACR in the civilian market, starting in the first half of 2010. Based on a Magpul prototype, the ACR has been under development for two years, as a collaboration between Bushmaster and Remington. Price for the civilian ACR is expected to be under $2000, considerably less than the FN SCAR, a similar weapon now being tested by the U.S. Military.

Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle ACR

The civilian version of the modular ACR will likely sport a 16.5″, 1:7″ twist barrel standard. Multiple barrel lengths can be fitted (see diagram above), and barrels can be changed without tools. Remarkably the entire gun can be field-stripped down to six major components in under 90 seconds. The ACR features integral rails on top of the receiver and on the forearm. The buttstock adjusts for length and also folds back using a hinge at the rear of the receiver. The charging handle is non-reciprocating. Weight with a 14.5″ barrel (no magazine) is 7 pounds.

Adam Heggenstaller of Guns and Hunting reports: “The consumer version will be offered with a 16.5-inch barrel, but Bushmaster will also be making barrels with lengths of 10.5, 14.5 and 18 inches. The first version of the ACR will be chambered in 5.56×45 mm, of course, but since a tool-less disassembly allows you to change bolt heads, barrels and magazines, the ACR can be user-configured to run with other cartridges as well. Ongoing development will focus on the 6.8 mm Rem. SPC, 7.62×39 mm, a yet-to-be-disclosed 6.5 mm round and the .30 Rem AR.”

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October 18th, 2009

Disabled Shooters Compete in Paralympic Biathlon

The New England Disabled Sports Paralympic Biathlon Academy (NEDS) recently sponsored a paralympic biathlon event, hosted at the Pemigewasset Fish & Game Club in New Hampshire.

New England Disabled Sports Paralympic Biathlon Academy

New England Disabled Sports Paralympic Biathlon AcademyAt the biathlon, disabled shooters competed alongside able-bodied competitors. While this was a Paralympic Academy event, the biathlon competition was open to both disabled and non-disabled. There were multiple divisions to accommodate everyone: mountain bike, running, walking and wheelchair. All stages of fire were off-hand (no prone), to equalize the match for wheelchair-bound competitors.

New England Disabled Sports Paralympic Biathlon AcademyNRA’s Disabled Shooting Manager Vanessa Warner attended the event, competing from a wheelchair (though she is able-bodied). This helped her experience some of the challenges that face disabled shooters. Vanessa reports: “The wheelchair course consisted of five loops with four stages of shooting. We did a loop first and then shot. Shooting in the biathlon is very difficult because the athlete shoots with the same arms [used] to propel the chair. Shooting from a seated position is hard enough but doing so with arms that were already stressed is more difficult than one can imagine.

An offhand biathlon target is about the size of a tennis ball and is shot from a distance 50 meters. No easy task when tired, out of breath, and with a racing pulse. Competitors fired five shots at each stage. If you missed, you were assessed a time penalty. I hit all five targets in only one of the four stages and hit as few as two. The final loop was the hardest. My shooting was finished but I still had to get to the firing line. By then my arms were rubber and my shoulders cramped in ways I didn’t know possible.”

Following the biathlon, NEDS conducted a shooting clinic for people with disabilities, followed by a short target competition. Jeff Krill was the champion with a 100-7X score.

Photos and story courtesy NRABlog.com.

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October 17th, 2009

October Birthday Bash — Bulletin Highlights from 2009

The Editor Speaketh: For the past two and a half years, every day I’ve prepared new Daily Bulletin postings for you guys. Rain or shine, without a single day off — 956 days in a row to be precise. But today’s my birthday, and, well, I decided to take a day off and go shooting.

Don’t fret — so dedicated readers don’t go through Bulletin withdrawal, here are quick links to some of our “Greatest Hits” from 2009 — the coolest videos and the most interesting stories. For each item, click the blue link to read the full, original story. NOTE: when you get to the bottom of the page, click “Older Posts” for even MORE Greatest Hits!

As for me … I’ll be sending some lead downrange.

Greatest Hits: Anschutz Photo Shoot Video — Babes ‘N Arms”
Great-looking blond handling state-of-the-art German firearams. What’s not to like?

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Amazing Kurzzeit Slow-Mo Bullet Videos

LINK: Ten-Minute Masterpiece of Slow-Mo from Kurzzeit
Werner Mehl of Kurzzeit.com produced a 10-minute video for the 2009 Shot Show. When syndicated via YouTube, this video became an internet phenomenon. It has been watched over 1.42 million times! Employing cameras that deliver up to 1,000,000 (one million) frames per second, Mehl’s bullet flight video has been called “astounding”, “mesmerizing”, and a “work of art.” If you haven’t seen it yet, sit back and enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Money-Saving Bipod Swivel Adjuster Kits

LINK: Make Your Own Swivel Bipod Adjustment Handles
Save $15-20 by assembling your own easy-adjusting bipod handles with components from T-Nuts.com.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Revolutionary March Eyepiece Zoom Scope

LINK: March 33-55x52mm ‘Eyepiece Zoom’ Scope
This is a revolutionary new high-magnification scope, with the zoom in the eyepiece. It provides all a BR shooter could want… from 100 to 1000 yards.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Savage Showcases Accuracy at 1169 Yards

LINK: Savage Long-Range Rifle 1169-yard Shot
You have to love a company that demonstrates the accuracy of its product at 1169 yards. Cool video indeed.

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Ballistics App for I-Pods and I-Phones

LINK: Advanced Ballistics Program for I-Phones and I-Pods
Apple’s I-Phone and I-Pod offer a superb user interface with serious computing power. Here’s a very trick software App (good enough for the U.S. military) that runs ballistic calcs and even has a bullet database.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Texas Twins Showcase Eliseo TubeGuns

LINK: Eliseo You-Tube Gun Video from the Cole Twins
Rockin’ soundtrack and tack-drivin’ Tube Guns made this one of our most popular videos ever. Them Cole boys from Texas can shoot….

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Machining Art from John Loh

LINK: John Loh Rest Donated for World BR Championships
Can a rest be a work of art? Yes, it can — when crafted by John Loh of JJ Industries. John, one of the great guys in the sport, donated this rest to support the U.S. Team at the BR Worlds in South Africa.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Williamsport 1000-Yard Benchrest School

LINK: Williamsport Benchrest School Slide Show
Sebastian Reist attended the 2009 Williamsport 1000-yard BR school. A talented professional photographer, Sebastian did a superb job capturing the highlights of his Williamsport 1K training weekend in a marvelous slideshow, complete with sound track. Photos and slideshow courtesy www.sreistphotography.com.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Hydro-Dip Stock Graphics

LINK: Water Transfer Printing for Stocks
Using a water-dipping process, the folks at Hydro-Dip LLC in Idaho produce stunning photo-realistic graphic coverings for gun stocks. And it costs less than a custom paint job.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: $12K Hensoldt Zeiss Super-Scope

LINK: Hensoldt Zeiss 6-24x72mm SAM
This 6-24x72mm Hensoldt may be the most advanced rifle scope on the planet. With a price of $11,979.95, it is certainly one of the most expensive. Take a 360° tour with this cool video from Hensoldt Zeiss.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Reaction Time Test

LINK: Web-based Human Reaction Time Test
For action shooting competitors, reaction time is key to success. Check your reaction time with this fun online game from HumanBenchmark.com. FYI, the average (median) reaction time is 215 milliseconds.

CLICK HERE for Reaction Time Test >>>>>>>>

reaction time test

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Rifle Barrel Blow-Up Caught on Video

LINK: Shocking Video of Catastrophic Barrel Failure
Sweet Mother of Mercy, watch the barrel of this hunter’s Browning A-Bolt rifle peel back like a banana skin. Obstructed barrel? Probably… but whatever the cause, this is an amazing and profoundingly frightening video.

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Record-Setting Liquid-Cooled Heavy Gun

LINK: Joel Pendergraft’s Record-Setting Heavy Gun
For years innovative benchresters have experimented with liquid-cooled barrels. Joel Pendergraft was one of the first to really succeed with the concept. Joel’s monster set a new pending 3.048″ ten-shot world record, beating the existing NBRSA, IBS, and Original Williamsport Clubs’ all-time 10-shot Heavy Gun group records.

Joel Pendergraft

Joel Pendergraft

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Nightforce NXS vs. Nightforce BR Model

LINK: Nightforce NXS vs. Benchrest Model Compared
OK, what really are the differences between Nightforces NXS and Benchrest models… beyond the obvious? In this informative video, Nightforce Exec Kyle Brown provides definitive answers.

YouTube Preview Image
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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Hornady Hydraulic Forming Die

LINK: Hydraulic Case-Forming Die
H20 and a hammer is all you need to form “improved” cases if you have one of Hornady’s hydraulic forming dies. Put a water-filled case in the die and slip in the piston from the top. A couple of stong wacks with a lead-faced mallet and “presto” you have formed cases. No powder, bullets, or fire-forming barrel needed.

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Indexable Rimfire Action

LINK: Bill Myers’ Indexable Rimfire Action
Does the rotational position of a rimfire barrel (relative to the action) affect accuracy? Many smart folks think it does. But how can you set the barrel at different rotational orientations to find what position works best. Bill Myers came up with a clever answer. Using a cone breech (so extractor position doesn’t matter), Bill fits a bushing on the end of the barrel, which is then clamped by the action.. This allows the barrel to be rotated without altering headspace.

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