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September 4th, 2009

Litz Dominates 2009 Spirit of America Match

Well I guess we’re all going to have to read Bryan’s book now…. Over the past few days in Raton (NM), Bryan Litz, author of Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting, proved he has the trigger-pulling skills to match his technical knowledge. At the 2009 Spirit of America Nat’l Fullbore Prone Championship, Bryan put on a clinic, winning most of the individual fullbore matches, and leading his “Palma Red” Team to victory in the Cunico Team Match, Folsom Team Match, Sierra Team Match, and Galaxy Team Match. The “Palma Red” Team was ably coached by Steve Cunico. Bryan’s fellow “Palma Red” shooters on the team were David Crandall, Trudie Fay, and Noma Mayo, all of whom shot great. Congratulations to Coach Cunico, Bryan, and all the Palma Red team members.

Bryan Litz also lead the pack in all the individual Aggregate standings — Short Agg, Long Agg, and Grand Agg (1793-121X). Finishing second in Individual Grand Agg was Mitchell Maxberry (1788-108X), and Nancy Tompkins took third (1787-112X). Charles Ballard (2008 F-Class Nat’l Champ) was the overall top shooter in F-Class with a 1775-94X. Second-place finisher Danny Biggs (1770-83X) edged Larry Batholome (1769-103X) by one point, but Larry had the high X-count among F-Classers. Keep in mind that F-Class targets have smaller scoring rings than the full-bore targets.

There must be some good info in Bryan’s Ballistics book, because Bryan seemed to have an edge over all the other shooters at the SOA this year. Litz started strong and stayed strong throughout the week, winning three of four individual events. USAR Shooter Russel Theurer captured the Sinclair Int’l Individual Match with a strong 449-24X performance. Russ observed: “It’s interesting to see that every day’s Match was won with the Berger 155.5 bullet”. Complete results of the 2009 SOA can be found on the Bald Eagles Rifle Club website. Here are rankings from the individual events:

McGee Individual Match
Bryan Litz, 450-30X | Nancy Tompkins, 447-29X | Mitchell Maxberry, 446-27X

U.S. Air Force Individual Match
Bryan Litz, 449-31X | Trudie Fay, 449-25X | Michelle Gallagher, 448-28X

Sinclair Individual Match
Russel Theurer, 449-24X | David Crandall, 448-33X | Mitchell Maxberry, 448-26X

Sierra Bullets Individual Match
Bryan Litz, 448-30X | Michelle Gallager, 448-29X | Mark Andrew, 447-21X

SOA Grand Aggregate (Individual)
Bryan Litz, 1793-121X | Mitchell Maxberry, 1788-108X | Nancy Tompkins, 1787-112X

Praise for Bald Eagles Club
Bryan Litz had high praise for the folks who run the Spirit of America Match: “The Bald Eagles do a great job running a safe and efficient National Championship. There is an extraordinary amount of experience and common sense at work…. In my opinion, they’re a shining example of how things should be done. One example is squading the relays according to standings. I believe it makes for a more fair contest. If you enjoy midrange and long range shooting, then I highly recommend making the trip to Raton for the Spirit of America match next year. The range is beautiful, people are friendly, and you’ll get plenty of team and individual shooting in the 7 days.”

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September 4th, 2009

New 1911 Grips with Integrated Funnel Base

MAKO 1911 gripsWe know that a large percentage of our readers own 1911-style pistols. The 1911 platform is the favored choice for bullseye pistol competition, and it remains an excellent choice for IDPA comps, action pistol events, and personal defense.

One of the first accessories many 1911 owners install on their pistols is a funnel-type magwell base, such as a Smith & Alexander Mag Guide. A magwell base allows you to change mags more quickly and securely. Unfortunately, adding a metal funnel is an expensive proposition that normally requires gunsmithing.

Now you can get the benefits of an expensive magwell base with a polymer, two-piece 1911 grip system from MAKO Security that incorporates a speed funnel at the bottom. Instead of buying an expensive ($70.00+) magazine extension and having to drill into your 1911, simply replace your existing grips with MAKO’s WG1911 grip system.

MAKO 1911 grips

According to Addy Sandler, MAKO’s CEO: “The WG1911 makes it much, much easier to put a magazine in a 1911 handgun. There is nothing that provides all the features and benefits of the WG1911 on the market today at this price point.” MSRP for the WG1911 grip is $27.20, but you can buy it from Trading Post Supply for just $19.74.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the WG1911 and view more photos.

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