September 28th, 2009

World Side-by-Side Shotgun Championships in Maryland

The Order of Edwardian Gunners, aka The Vintagers, held the World Side by Side Championships at Pintail Point on Maryland’s Eastern shore this weekend. Founded in 1994, the Vintagers has held 13 annual events where those who love double-barreled shotguns come together once a year, many in Edwardian attire, and shoot their prized side-by-sides.

Double Shotgun

Ray Poudrier, President of the Order of Edwardian Gunners, describes the event as low-key, low-pressure, and something that everyone can enjoy. He said, in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the event, “Those that shoot to win often lose. Those who shoot for fun always win.” This is the fifth year that the Vintage Cup has been held at Pintail Point. Maryland’s Eastern shore is a perfect setting for the shotgun enthusiast as it is the site of some of the finest waterfowl hunting in the whole country.

Double Shotgun

The four-day event hosts matches for both hammer and hammerless side-by-sides in 10 – 410 gauge competitions. Special classifications for 10 gauge, and 16 (or lower) gauge guns, as well as Drillings and black powder cartridges, make for a variety of interesting stages. There is a two-man challenge where the shooter and their loader must shoot 200 targets in four minutes. A stalking rifle and stopping rifle combination event offers the double rifle shooter some fun with moving paper elephant and rhino targets at typical safari hunt distances.

Vendors from as far away as Europe offer some of the finest in side-by-side firearms, antique and modern, as well as vintage clothing and accouterments. There is a special “Bertie” award, the nick-name of King Edward VII of Great Britain, for the man and woman “whose attire, throughout the event, best celebrates the Edwardian period.” To learn more about the Vintage Cup, visit or write: The Vintagers, P.O. Box 31, Hawley, MA 01339.

Story by Phil Schreier, courtesy the NRA Blog. Large photo courtesy B. Searcy & Co..

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