April 3rd, 2011

New Shooting Simulation App for iPhones and iPads

Reload App iPhoneWhile there are now over 330,000 iPhone apps, studies show that iPhone owners use their devices overwhelming for just three functions: Talking, Texting (or email), and Gaming. If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner looking for a decent gun-oriented game, check out RELOAD, a new shooting simulator for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. The RELOAD App, released on March 31, 2011, costs $2.99 at the iTunes Store. A version for Android phone will be available later this year.

Featuring a wide variety of virtual firearms, RELOAD lets you train for everything from hostage rescue and sniper situations to Olympic-style shooting events. There are 17 levels and over 100 different milestone awards, medals, or badges. According to Mastiff, the App’s creator: “Master pistols and you’re ready for long gun training. Start at the rifle range, move to skeet shooting, and finally train to be a sniper. Whatever the weapon, the basics are the same: Identify targets, sight them in, take them down.”

Reload App iPhone

While the game is mostly about shooting Bad Guys with a variety of defensive weapons ranging from Desert Eagle Pistols to military rifles, there are some target shooting scenarios where accuracy and precision are paramount. If you have an iPhone (and time to burn), you’ll probably find RELOAD worth its $2.99 price. It won’t make you a better shooter in the real world, but it can be entertaining.

Reload App iPhone

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