June 4th, 2011

CMP Releases Facebook Page, New Rule Book, and Scoring App

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) now has its own CMP Facebook Page. There you’ll find the latest match results, links to interesting stories, and info on special rifle and ammo sales. The Facebook format actually works really well for the CMP — visitors can quickly find the latest new items and stories of interest. For example, here’s a cool article about two Virginia High School Girls who shot in the first official CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match on 10 May, at Camp Butner, NC: High-Schoolers at Butner.

New CMP Rulebook Released
New for 2011, the 15th edition of the CMP Competition Rules is now available. The CMP is the national governing body for Service Rifle, Service Pistol and CMP Games shooting events and the CMP Competition Rules is the official rulebook for these events that are a popular and important part of the national competitive shooting scene. The 15th Edition Rulebook also provides all the rule changes for Service Rifle, as well as the governing rules for the new Vintage Sniper Rifle Competition. The new rulebook, in PDF format, can be downloaded from the CMP website at: http://www.odcmp.com/Competitions/Rulebook.pdf.

CMP Scoring App Now Available for Android Smart-Phones
Also, the CMP Scoring App, which has been available for iPhones since September 2010, is now available for Android OS smartphones in the Android App Marketplace. This $4.99 CMP App features an easy-to-use interface that allows for quick recording of your score after each string. The CMP App calculates your shooting percentages automatically to let you know how you are doing throughout the event. You can also enter notes and record conditions. The CMP App was recently updated so it can be utilized with all shooting disciplines. This application is sponsored and endorsed by the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

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