June 25th, 2011

Nat Geo Spotlights Ronnie Barrett and His Innovative Rifles

This Monday, June 27, at 9:00 pm, Barrett Firearms Mfg. will be featured on a National Geographic special entitled Snipers, Inc.. The hour-long show tells the story of Ronnie Barrett, his innovative large-caliber sniper rifle designs, and how he built a multi-million dollar business. Barrett Firearms introduced the semi-automatic .50-Cal M82 in 1982 but did not make any significant sales until 1989. Soon afterward, the M82 was purchased by the United States armed forces, and it was deployed in the Gulf War. Today the company has contracts with dozens of countries to supply sniper rifles. The success of the M82A1 has spawned several other models of .50 BMG rifles, including the M95, M99, and M99-1. These are lighter, lower-cost bolt-action rifles. One of the most recent offerings from Barret is the M107A1, unveiled in January 2011. M107A1 enhancements include a 4-lb weight reduction, increased accuracy, and a quick attachment for a Barrett suppressor.

The Nat Geo promo states: “Selling guns to snipers is all in a day’s work for one small-town Tennessee family. Ronnie, the designer and businessman at the helm of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, and his two children, are responsible for creating the M107 sniper rifle. The M107’s power and precision allow snipers to destroy multiple targets from more than 20 football fields away. NGC goes inside this family of firearm ‘rock stars’.” In the video below, Ronnie Barrett talks about the M107A1 and the new multi-caliber MRAD rifle system. (It’s an interesting Nat Geo video, well worth watching.)

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