June 22nd, 2011

Sherri Gallagher Visits National Firearms Museum in Virginia

Sherri Gallagher Schofield S&WOn June 20th, SGT Sherri Gallagher of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit stopped by NRA Headquarters (in Fairfax, Virginia) for a tour of the facilities. A highly accomplished shooter, Sherri is the reigning National High Power Rifle Champion as well as winner of the 2009 Long Range High Power Championship at Camp Perry.

Priceless Wild West Guns in Museum Safes
While in Virginia at NRA Headquarters, Sherri met with members of the Competitive Shooting Division, NRA Publications, and stopped by National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica’s office for look at his famed collection of Smith & Wesson revolvers as well as his safe filled with pistols bearing “# 1″ serial numbers. After digging through the collection, Sherri asked, “If I get a # 1 tattoo, do you think he’ll let me stay?”

Sherri Gallagher Schofield S&W

Sherri Gallagher Schofield S&W
Sherri holds Smith & Wesson .320 Caliber, 18″ barrel Revolving Rifle.

Story by Lars Dalseide, courtesy the NRA BLOG.

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