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August 16th, 2011

David Tubb Wins NRA Long-Range Championship

Story by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.

David Tubb Long Range National Championship 2011David Tubb Won the Long-Range National Championship today, shoting a perfect 45 for 45 inside the 10-Ring during today’s Individual Palma Trophy Match. Tubb’s impressive performance secured David the 2011 Long Range High Power Rifle Championship, edging out 2010 LR Champion John Whidden. We believe this is David’s seventh individual long-range title. Tubb last won the Long-Range Championship in 2004, when he shot an “perfect” 1450-101X Aggregate, not dropping a point. Tubb has also won the NRA High Power National Championship 11 times.

Tubb Wins Title, Not Yielding to Whidden’s Strong Challenge
As he took his spot in the final round of the Palma Match, Tubb was stationed to the right of last year’s Long Range champ and 2011 runner-up John Whidden. Whidden, donning his favorite red cap, started with two well-placed sighting shots at 1,000 yards before jumping into the scoring phrase of the match. Tubb, waiting for the wind and that instinctive feeling that’s developed over time, took his first sighter after Whidden started scoring tens.

“Ten” shouted Whidden’s spotter. “X” rang out next. The race was on.

Tubb’s spotter echoed his counterpart’s calls with Tens and Xs of his own. But Whidden had the advantage … he was two shots ahead and two points behind. Scoring ten after ten after X, Whidden was applying the pressure to Tubb as he mounted a final charge. There was even a moment when The Pit mistakenly pulled Tubb’s target as he was about to fire. If there was ever an opportunity for a man to feel the pressure — this was it. I don’t know about the shooters, when when Whidden hit his 13th shot inside the ten ring, my heard started to pump a little bit faster.

David Tubb Long Range National Championship 2011

The spotter’s calls grew louder and louder as the shooters kept firing and firing. Waiting for one to drop a point, slip outside the ten, make that fatal mistake that would allow the other a path to the championship. Ten, Ten, X, Ten … they just kept coming.

After Whidden Cleaned his Target, the Pressure Was On
Whidden finished clean. Tubb still had two shots to go. Whidden and his spotter silently shifted their scope and glasses to Tubb’s target. I inched a little closer. Hearing a noise, I turned to find an RSO peering over my shoulder to check on Tubb’s progress. The 14th shoot was an X. One shot left. A nine or ten meant Tubb would earn his first Long Range title in seven years. An eight meant we’d go to the X count and a seven or less would give the title to Whidden.

Whidden rose when the spotter cried out ten. The match and the championship was over. “Congratulations David. That’s some great shooting.”

Tubb accepted Whidden’s hand, allowed a smile and returned the admiration. Two shooters with almost a decade’s worth of Championships between them. But this one was for David Tubb. The end of a long road back to the title.

David Discusses his Championship-Winning Tubb 2000 Rifle
In the video below, David Tubb discusses his Tubb 2000 Rifle and the many records it has set. Over the past 11 years, Tubb 2000s have been used by 30 of the 33 “Top Three” finishers in the NRA High Power Championships — that’s a remarkable winning record:

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August 16th, 2011

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Match and Leads LR Championship

David Tubb, 11-time National High Power Champion, won the prestigious Wimbleton Match at Camp Perry earlier this week, and David currently leads the field of competitors for the 2011 Long-Range Championship. John Whidden is close behind, but Tubb has been at the top of his game this year. Tubb credits much of his success to his wind-reading: “Honestly, my wind reading is the best it’s ever been and my prone skills are coming around.” If you want to learn more about David’s wind-reading methods and strategies, watch the video interview below, filmed at the 2010 SHOT show.

David Tubb on Reading the Wind

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Cup Match
David Tubb, shown below, earned his second Wimbledon Cup title after drilling ten shots inside the ten ring for a final shootoff score of 100 points with five Xs. The Wimbledon Cup is one of the oldest of all NRA trophies. First presented to the American rifle team attending the British matches at Wimbledon in 1875, the Cup now is awarded to the top shooter in a two-part, 1000-yard event. The highest scoring competitors from each initial relay are chosen to shoot in a second “shoot-off relay”. Shoot-off competitors fire three sighting shots and 10 record shots. In case of a numerical tie for winner, the winner is determined by a shot-by-shot elimination shoot-off without regard for Xs.

David Tubb Camp Perry Wimbleton 2011
David Tubb looks downrange after scoring 100-5X in the shoot-off to win the Wimbleton Cup Title. The scoring board in the foreground replicates David’s shots on target. The yellow dots are for three sighters, while the red markers show David’s 10 shots for record.

Report courtesy The NRA Blog.
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August 16th, 2011

Weaver Releases Two New FFP Illuminated Tactical Scopes

Weaver Optics has just released two new illuminated, first focal plane (FFP) tactical optics, plus a line of accessories. The new scopes, a 3-15x50mm Long-Range Scope (part #800363) and a 1-5x24mm Intermediate-Range Scope (part #800364) were designed and built to survive rough handling. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, they feature 10 illumination settings, fully multi-coated lenses and a one-piece, 30mm Argon purged tube. Weaver claims both scopes are waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof (at least on the inside). “We take our tactical optics very seriously,” said Marketing Manager Tom Knudtson. “Our optics experts have done a lot of work on these reticles, glass and overall scope design to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, military officers and other precision shooters.”

Weaver Tactical Scope

AR-friendly Optics Accessories
To accompany the two new tactical scopes, Weaver has released four new accessories, designed to fit AR-type flat-top rifles. We like the new 30mm SPR optics mount that can be fixed in place without tools.

  • Full-length AR-15 Flat Top Riser Rail with +20 MOA of built-in elevation (part #99675).
  • Picatinny Riser Set Small (elevates optics to optimal height, part #99658).
  • Weaver SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) 30mm Optics Mount with hand knobs for no-tool installation.
  • AR15 Fixed Back-Up Iron Sight with both “Precision” and CQB apertures.
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