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August 22nd, 2011

World Benchrest Championship (WBC) Starts August 23 in France

World Benchrest Championship France

The centerfire World Benchrest Championship (WBC) is being hosted in Volmerange-Les-Mines, France this year. Matches commence on Tuesday, the 23rd of August. Practice has been underway since August 18. The official WBC website includes an event schedule plus a list of this year’s WBC competitors. It appears that the number of shooters is down slightly this year, compared to the 170 participants who attended the 2007 WBC in Austria. However, it looks like there will be a record number of countries represented at this year’s Championship event, with first-ever attendees from nations such as Colombia and Ukraine. The WBC has truly become a “world” competition, attracting the “best of the best” from around the globe. The match will be held at the modern Eurostand facility, one of Europe’s best-equipped indoor/outdoor shooting ranges.

The three American squads attending the 2011 WBC will include many Benchrest legends:

Team USA ‘A': Tony Boyer, Larry Costa, Gene Bukys, Chris Harris
Team USA ‘B': Mike Ratigan, Jack Neary, Andy Shifflett, Wayne Campbell
Team USA ‘C': Larry Baggett, Robert Hammack, Dave Coots, Tim Oltersdorf

World Benchrest Championship France

World Benchrest Championship France

Story tip by Fergus Bailey. Photos courtesy Association Bench Rest France.
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August 22nd, 2011

DeMille Smashes Record in Springfield Rifle Match at Perry

Dennis DeMilleDennis DeMille, Gen. Manager of Creedmoor Sports, fired a rare 100-4X in the standing stage of the 2011 Springfield Rifle Match, winning the event and setting a new record in the process. DeMille’s 297-8X Aggregate score broke the previous record of 295-6X set by Douglas Armstrong last year. DeMille fired a 98-2X in slow-fire prone, and a 99-2X rapid-fire prone. DeMille then capped his record-setting match with his remarkable 100-4X in the final offhand stage. MSG Julia Watson, USMC, the only female competitor, placed second with a 293-4X Aggregate.

DeMille is Former National High Power Champion
A former U.S. Marine Rifle Team member, Dennis is no stranger to the podium at Camp Perry. Dennis won the NRA Nat’l High Power Championship in 2005 and the Service Rifle National Championship in 2003. This year Dennis proved this year that he still has what it takes. Congratulations to Dennis — Well done! After Dennis returned from Camp Perry, we asked him some questions about his 1903 Springfield rifle and his performance.

Interview with Dennis DeMille

Q: How does it feel to win an elite competition at age 46 compared to your other championships earlier in your career?

Dennis: Notwithstanding my freakish friend Carl Bernosky, as you get older, for a variety of reasons, winning becomes a little bit harder — in my case it’s poor vision. So of course each victory tastes a little sweeter and nothing is taken for granted.

Q: What were conditions like at the match this year?

Dennis: We had beautiful conditions that day — just a little warm.

Q. What ammo were you using?

Dennis: Hornady 168 grain .30-06, as issued at the Match.

Q: Was anything special done to accurize your rifle?

Dennis: No. This was the first match for this stock though. I think that might be why I shot two 9s in prone slow fire — it was still settling in. Nothing has been done to any part of the rifle to make it more accurate. The rifle is “as-is” from the CMP … complete with nasty trigger. Before I shoot it again though I am going to swap out the front sight blade for a fatter USMC type blade so I can see it [better].

Q. You nailed the standing, often considered the hardest stage. What advice can you give to shooters who want to improve their standing abilities?

Dennis: No secret there — snap-in, holding exercises, and a good mental program. In particular I recommend 20 one-minute holding exercises, with 30-second breaks in between each hold. That is the quickest and best way to identify a poor position (because it will be painful), and build a well-supported position.

Q: Does Creedmoor Sports have any specialty products for shooters of the 1903 Springfield or other vintage military rifles?

Dennis: We really don’t have many products specific to those rifles. But the beauty of those rifles and that course of fire is that there isn’t much you need to buy.

Dennis DeMille

Photos Courtesy Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).
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August 22nd, 2011

Get Ready for Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup

Western CMP Games Creedmoor CupThe 8th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on 15-23 October 2011. The Western CMP Games run 15-18 October while the Creedmoor Cup Matches follow on 19-23 October. This event typical draws hundreds of shooters who compete with a wide variety of rifles — Match Rifles, Service Rifles, Vintage Military Rifles, and Rimfire Sporters. All interested shooters, whether new or experienced, recreation-oriented shooters or national championship contenders are invited to participate in these unique, national-level competitions. CLICK THIS LINK to register for the match. This event is co-sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Creedmoor Sports.

Western CMP Games

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