August 9th, 2011

Watch Shooting USA Features on the Web

Every Wednesday night, the popular Shooting USA TV series airs on the Outdoor Channel. The hour-long broadcast covers all aspects of shooting — from cowboy action to the National Matches at Camp Perry. No matter what gun game you play, you’ll probably find something of interest on Shooting USA. However, we know that many cable providers do not offer the Outdoor Channel in an affordable package, so many of you can’t watch the weekly broadcasts.

But here’s some good news — many of Shooting USA’s most popular video segments are now streamed on the internet. Just log on to to access dozens of Shooting USA features. Leading off this week is a video that shows how to field-strip and clean an AR, followed by tips on zeroing the rifle with iron sights. Use the scrolling menu (on the right) to find other stories. Topics include: the Camp Perry National Matches, High Power Silhouette, 3-gun Competition, IDPA, the Bianchi Cup, SASS End of Trail. You’ll also find some informative gunsmithing videos. Watching Shooting USA videos online is a good option for readers who lack cable access to the Outdoor Channel.