December 22nd, 2011

Litz Adds 6mm Bullet Profiles for 107gr SMK and 105gr A-Max

Applied Ballistics Bullet DataAlong with showcasing his books, match ammo, and other products, Bryan Litz’s Applied Ballistics website offers detailed Bullet Data Profiles for popular match projectiles. These profiles provide accurate bullet dimensions, stability factors (based on barrel twist rates), plus sophisticated multi-value BC tables that provide field-tested BCs across a wide velocity spectrum. Using these tables, you can select a G1 or G7 BC that closely matches a bullet’s actual muzzle velocity fired from your gun. Choosing the right BC for a bullet’s known MV from your rifle provides a more accurate ballistics solution — which translates to more first-round hits on the target.

New 6mm Bullet Data Profiles

Bryan recently added two new 6mm Bullet Profiles to his website: Sierra’s 107gr MatchKing, and Hornady’s 105gr A-Max.

Sierra 107gr MatchKing, HPBT
Sierra’s 107gr MatchKing has been used reliably in many medium- to high-capacity 6mm chamberings for many years. At 107 grains, this bullet is heavy enough to have a respectably-high BC while not being excessively long. This bullet is the ‘middle brother’ in the heavy end of Sierra’s 6mm target bullet line-up. The 95gr and the 115gr bullets have essentially the same nose and tail, and almost identical form factors as a result. The only difference being the weight which is taken up in the bearing surface. This bullet is comfortably stable in a 1:8″ twist in all but the worse case conditions, and even then the stability factor is still 1.33 which would result in acceptably accurate flight.

Sierra 107 MK Litz Data

Hornady 105gr A-Max, PTBT
The 105gr Hornady A-Max is a very well-designed bullet with good performance. The plastic tip (PT) promotes a little higher and more consist BC compared to standard match bullet meplats while the 2.71-caliber long tangent ogive produces a low drag profile and good accuracy over a wide range of seating depths. The experimentally determined average G1 BC of 0.492 varies from 0.515 at 3000 fps down to 0.454 at 1500 fps. The G7 BC is a much better match for this bullet. Application-wise, this bullet was designed to be a match bullet, but has found favor with hunters as well due to the relatively thin forward jacket promoting good expansion.

Hornady 106 A-Max Litz Data

Bryan’s Ballistics Book Offers Hundreds of Bullet Data Profiles
Bryan currently offers ten (10) detailed bullet profiles on his website — you can access these for free. If you want information on scores of other projectiles, you’ll find 236 other Bullet Data Profiles in Bryan’s definitive book, Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting.

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