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March 14th, 2012

Freedom Group Appoints George Kollitides as New CEO

George K. Kollitides, IIGeorge Kollitides has been appointed acting Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board for Freedom Group, Inc. (FGI). Kollitides, a hunter, shooter and firearms enthusiast, sits on three NRA Committees, is a trustee of the NRA Foundation and is a director of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. He is a past director of the Safari Club International Connecticut Chapter. Kollitides was previously a managing director of Cerberus Capital Management, where he was the architect of FGI and its lead director. Kollitides stated, “I am ecstatic to join the FGI team, where we have the greatest employees and a 200-year history of 100% American-made [products].”

In an interview with John Zent, editorial director for NRA Publications, Kollitides was asked how the Freedom Group can support hunting, the shooting sports, and gun-owners’ rights. Kollitides answered: “Our job is to build the best products possible, provide good manufacturing jobs for Americans and represent our investors’ best interests. If our efforts succeed in growing our user groups, shooters, hunters, the military and law enforcement, they will have a much louder voice in public policy. The key for us is to strengthen our industry and strengthen our users, customers, and partners. Doing that by making relevant, quality product, along with education and access, we think, is the right way to go about it, and so we are working with state and local governments, not-for-profit hunting and shooting organizations, and, of course, the NRA.”

Freedom Group Companies

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March 14th, 2012

ATF Notice Regarding Private Online FFL Application Services

BATFE ATF FFL Application Notice

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) issued a bulletin on March 9, 2012 regarding web-based services that promise that the purchaser of an commercial application package will be issued a Federal Firearms License (FFL). ATF notes that such commercial services are not sponsored or approved by the ATF, and these service may use non-authorized forms which the ATF will neither accept nor approve. Here is the exact language of the Notice, highlights added:

Private Application Services and Non-Approved Application Forms

ATF has recently become aware of web-based companies which guarantee the issuance of a Federal firearms license (FFL) if a prospective applicant purchases the company’s application packet and advice about how to obtain a FFL. Anyone considering applying for a FFL should be aware that the fees paid for such consulting services and materials are not required, endorsed, or received by ATF. Any fees for application consulting services and materials are paid voluntarily by a prospective applicant, who should understand that such fees are in addition to the license and permit application fees required by law and collected by ATF. ATF collects no application fees online at this time. All ATF-required fee payments must be made by check, money order, or credit card and accompany the paper application form sent to ATF by the applicant.

It is also important to note that ATF does not guarantee the issuance of FFLs. Each application is reviewed on its merits under the qualifying criteria set forth by law.

Some private application services provide their own version of license application forms. Please note that ATF will not accept any application form not approved for use by the Office of Management and Budget and will return without action applications submitted on unauthorized versions of ATF forms. All ATF application forms are provided free of charge and may be obtained from the ATF website or forms Distribution Center by calling 202-648-6420. You may also contact the Federal Firearms Licensing Center at 1-866-662-2750 for assistance in completing FFL applications.

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March 14th, 2012

Ultimate Ballistic Bling — Silver Bullet Cufflinks from Sweden

Long Ranger Silver BulletForum member Marcus Åström from Sweden has come up with a perfect luxury item for style-conscious shooters: bullet-shaped silver cufflinks. Just the thing to impress the guys at your next range session (or corporate board meeting). Who wouldn’t like silver bullets on their cuffs? Silver bullets did the job for the Lone Ranger didn’t they?

Cast from a mold taken from your sample bullet, the silver bullet cufflinks can exactly replicate your favorite projectile, right down to the ballistic tip. For considerably less money, the Swedish jeweler can create a set of cufflinks from an all-copper bullet you supply. A silver T-bar is attached, giving you a two-tone cufflink (see lower photo).

Silver Cufflinks

Silver CufflinksMarcus reports: “Check out these amazing cufflinks I have had made by Sofia Winberg, a jewelery smith in Stockholm. The silver links in the photo above are based on a Hornady 7mm Interbond 139gr bullet. I choose this bullet since it was the one with which I shot my first deer. Here’s how these are made. When Sophia receives your sample bullet, she makes a mold from it and then casts the silver bullet body. If the bullet has a tip, she attaches a small silver cap and shapes it to match the original tip. She can also make links from copper bullets or finish the metal so the bullet-cufflinks appear moly-coated. Sophia can also make cufflinks from cartridge cases. She replaces the primer with one in silver, with or without the firing pin mark.”

Price depends on the design and material options selected by the customer:

  • Silver Bullet Cufflinks, with or without silver tip, molded from bullet sample: $475 USD
  • Copper Bullet Cufflinks, with silver tip, molded from tipped bullet sample: $350 USD
  • Copper Bullet Cufflinks molded from Hollow-point or FMJ bullet sample: $300 USD
  • Solid Copper Bullet Cufflinks, no molding, with silver T-Bar attached: $140 USD
  • Cartridge Case Cufflinks: $350 USD
  • Special materials, jewels, etc.: Request Pricing

Turn-around is roughly four (4) weeks from the time when Sofia (the jeweler) receives the bullet. No payment in advance is needed — the customer gets to approve the product via pictures before making payment. Once payment is received, the item ships. If you are interested, contact: Sofia Winberg Jewellery Design, sofia [at] .

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March 14th, 2012

Buy Nikon P-22, P-223, or M-233 Scope — Get Free Scope Mount

From March 15 through April 22, 2012, Nikon will give a free scope mount to purchasers of select-model AR scopes. Yep, if you buy a qualifying Nikon AR riflescope, you’ll receive the corresponding AR mount (retail value up to $99.95) for free. Included in the offer are Nikon’s P-22, P-223, and M-223 riflescopes. Nikon’s M-223 and P-223 scopes are built specifically for the .223 Remington cartridge. With BDC (bullet drop compensating) or Nikoplex reticles, they are designed to give AR shooters a high quality optic with fast sighting speed. The P-22 is the rimfire-optimized variant designed for the .22LR cartridge.

Nikon AR Scope Mount P series

Choose Two-Piece or One-Piece AR-specific Scope Mounts
Nikon has developed two types of AR scope mounts for AR platform rifles. The new P-Series mount (shown above) is a two-piece design that can mount a P-22 or P-223 scope to almost any AR platform rifle. The M-223XR mount is a one-piece design made for the M-223 riflescope. The angled-base M-223XR offers +20 MOA of built-in elevation for long-range shooting.

The P-Series mount is available with the purchase of the following P-223 or P-22 scopes:
P-223 3×32 Carbine Reticle (#8496) | P-223 3-9×40 BDC 600 (#8497) | P-22 2-7×32 (#8498, #8499)

The M-223XR mount is available with the purchase of any of the following M-223 scopes:
M-223 1-4×20 (#8485) | M-223 2-8×32 (#8486, #8487) | M-223 3-12×42 (#8488, #8489)

To learn more about Nikon’s free scope mount promotion, visit after March 15, 2012. NOTE: Offer excludes Nikon M-223 2.5-10×40 Laser IRT (#8491); and M-223 4-16×42 (#8492, #8493).

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