March 25th, 2012

Williamsport 1000-Yard Benchrest School Set for April 27-29, 2012

Williamsport benchrest schoolIf you want to learn how to shoot accurately at very long-range, one of the very best places to learn is the Williamsport 1000-Yard Benchrest School. The Fifth Annual Benchrest School will be held April 27, 28 and 29 this year. There are still a few slots available for this year’s sessions. Classes, taught by top 1K shooters, are held at the Original Pennsylvania 1000-Yard Benchrest Club Range, one of the best 1K ranges in the country.

Prospective students will be taught all aspects of long range benchrest shooting from some of the most skilled marksmen in the country. All areas are covered from load development, precision reloading, bench skills, and target analysis. Much time is spent at the loading bench and on the firing line.

Williamsport 1000 yard Benchrest School

If you’re interested, you need to contact the school directors right away. While these Benchrest schools typically sell out, as of 3/24/2012, there were still a few student slots available for the late-April class session. If you want to grab one of the remaining slots for the 3-day school, don’t hesitate. For more information or to sign up for the 2011 1000-Yard Benchrest Class this April, contact School Director Frank Grappone, or visit the Williamsport website,

To see what the 1K Benchrest school is like, watch the slide show/video below, produced by Sebastian Reist, an alumnus of the 2009 Williamsport 1000-yard BR school. Sebastian, a talented professional photographer, captured the highlights of his Williamsport 1K training weekend:

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Williamsport 1000 yard Benchrest School

Photos and slideshow courtesy Sebastian Reist,

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