May 26th, 2012

Berger Bullets Recalls One Lot of “6mm BR Column” Bullets

Berger 6mm BR column bulletIf you purchased Berger’s “6mm BR Column” bullets recently, check your lot number on the box. Berger Bullets has recalled lot number 4192 of 6mm BR Column bullets (Berger item #24407). If you have this lot number please contact Berger at (714) 447-5425, and Berger will ship you high-quality replacement bullets. We are not sure why these bullets are being recalled, but rest assured that Berger will provide high-quality replacements promptly. Note: It is known that part of lot number 4192 was originally shipped to Powder Valley.

About the 6mm BR Column Bullet Design
Berger’s “6mm BR Column” bullets were created for short-range (100-300 yards) benchrest applications. This name does not mean the bullet is designed just for the 6mm BR cartridge. Rather it is designed for all 6mm short-range benchrest (BR) rifles, most of which are 6 PPCs (for group shooting at least). The “Column” in the name comes from the fact that Berger optimized the height of the lead core column inside the bullet. Testing revealed that bullets which had very uniform core column heights shot more accurately and were also easier to tune. Berger says the new 6mm BR ‘Column’ projectiles started shipping in mid-March, 2012.