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May 8th, 2012

Resources for 2012 National Matches at Camp Perry

Camp Perry 2012 National MatchesThe NRA National Matches at Camp Perry, first held in 1903, have become a huge, national shooting sports festival with well over 6,000 annual participants. The National Matches include the CMP National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches, CMP Games rifle events and the NRA National Pistol, Smallbore Rifle and Highpower Rifle Championships. The matches are conducted jointly by the CMP, NRA and the Ohio National Guard.

For those planning to shoot at Camp Perry this summer, we’ve assembled some valuable resources to help with your planning.

2012 National Matches Start Page (NRA website)
Camp Perry 2012 Home Page
Lodging Info and Rates at Camp Perry Lodging Center
Directions to Camp Perry (Port Clinton, Ohio)
National Matches Calendar 2012

RULEBOOKS: NRA High Power Rulebook PDF CMP Competition Rules PDF

Camp Perry Navy Cup

Camp Perry 2012 National Match Calendar

You’ll also find some valuable tips from a current Camp Perry Thread in our Shooters Forum. Those who have attended in years past offer advice on lodging options:

Q: I was told the 4-person huts are very primitive. Are they really that bad?

A: FDShuster replied: “Yes, they really are that bad. Nothing more than a plywood, particle board “shelter” sitting on a concrete slab. Sitting out in the middle of an open field, in July and August, the temps in the huts will be very high. Plug-in electric outlets are available, so some bring a portable window air conditioner. If you would be able to reserve one of the newer units it would be closer to that of a motel room, a big jump up from a tent, and a whole ‘nuther world from the huts. My last times [at Camp Perry], I reserved an off-post motel room. Made the whole trip much more enjoyable, and I was actually able to sleep at night”.

RonD added: “The huts were made to house German WW II POWs. Take a sheet of plywood 1/2 or 3/4″ the size of the military bunks, or you’ll be sleeping on the floor( spring sag). I took a sleeping bag that I placed on top of the mattress, and put my sheets inside. Take your own pillow. You’ll need screw-in fuses for the outside exposed fuse block. Take 15-20-25-30 amp so you’ll have a variety. There is one light bulb in the center of the ceiling. Take a few spare bulbs. I took a box fan, cooler, card table, clothes line and clothes hangars, duct tape.”

Q: What about staying in the Modules or the Barracks?

A: The newer Modules, we’re told, are not available this summer. But the modern Barracks provide a good alternative. KenO writes: “They built new Barracks recently, and some of the shooters stayed in them last year and said they were real nice. Four beds to a room, and air conditioned. Same price as the huts.” KenO added: “I’ve stayed in the huts many times, but since they built the RV park, I have been staying there.”

CMP Resources for National Matches
To help serve those shooters, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has a web page dedicated to the National Matches at Camp Perry. The CMP’s National Match Page offers easy-to-use links to Registration Forms, Match Schedules, Rules, and event photo galleries. It’s very handy to have all these links in one place. If you are thinking of visiting Camp Perry this year, whether as a shooter or a spectator, you should bookmark this page.

National Match Calendars
Pistol Registration
Rimfire Sporter Registration
Rifle National Trophy Match Registration
Junior High Power Support Program
National Match Results
National Match Event Photos
History of the National Matches
Directions to Camp Perry

CMP No Longer Issuing Ammo at CMP Matches
The CMP will no longer issue ammunition to competitors for the Garand, Springfield, As-Issued Garand, Carbine or any other CMP matches. This includes the National Matches and all Regional Games Events (Eastern/Western Games, Oklahoma Games, Georgia Games, etc.). Competitors may purchase ammunition at the match or bring their own. Ammunition will be for sale at all CMP National Matches at a special discounted match price. For the 2012 National Rimfire Sporter Match, Lapua will donate 50 rounds of .22LR ammunition to every competitor.

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May 8th, 2012

Oklahoma Spring Fun Match with Reactive Targets

reactive targetWe like rifle matches that include reactive targets. As the huge success of the Top Shot TV show proves, it’s fun for both shooters and spectators alike to see targets that break or explode when they are hit. This also provides immediate feedback to competitors, which can help develop good gun handling and aiming.

The 4R Rifle Club of Alex, Oklahoma has a fun match each spring that employs a variety of reactive targets set from 100 yards to 500 yards. This year 36 competitors turned out for the May 5th Spring Shoot. The course of fire consisted of four (4) mini clay pigeons at 100 and 250 yards and four 4″ balloons at 400 and 500 yards. Each competitor was allowed 18 rounds at the bench to break the 16 targets within a 15-minute limit. After the initial go-round, the top six shooters return for a shoot-off.

Dean Morris, Mark Deluia, and Matt Hohnstein all hit every target for “clean” scores of 420, securing spots in the shoot-off. B.J. Baily and Rick Jensen had the 4th and 5th highest scores, but the remaining sixth shoot-off spot required a tie-breaker — a single shot closest to center at 250 yards. Adam Roberts drilled a nearly perfect shot to win the tie-breaker over Tim Mulrine.

The shoot-off proved to be a tight battle between Adam Roberts and Dean Morris. Both men shot perfect scores so the targets were reset again — only this time Adam and Dean were allowed just 9 rounds to score as many hits as possible. When the dust settled, Adam Roberts was the new 2012 Champion and the first repeat winner of this eight-year-old event. Congrats to Adam! Mark Deluia was the Two-Gun Champion, Don Johnston won the Factory Class, and Ross Reeves was top Junior shooter.

4R rifle club alex oklahoma

Equipment Lists for Top Shooters
Adam and Dean both had rifles smithed by Jon Beanland. Adam’s gun was a 6.5 CM with Savage action, Krieger barrel, McMillan stock, and S&B scope. He loaded Berger bullets in Hornady brass with Hodgdon H4350 powder. Runner-up Dean Morris shot a 7mm RSAUM with Kelbly action, Bartlein barrel, PR&T stock, and Nightforce scope. He was shooting Berger bullets with H4350 in Norma brass. Interestingly, the next two shooters also shot 7mm rifles. B.J. Baily ran a straight .284 Winchester, while Rick Jensen had another 7mm RSAUM.

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