July 24th, 2012

NSSF ‘The Range Report’ Goes Digital with eZine and Website

The Range Report, the NSSF’s “Magazine for Shooting Facilities” has been reborn as a digital eZine AND a full-featured website, RangeReport.org. This gives readers multiple ways to access information about range operations. If you prefer a conventional website format, with headlines, links, and thumbnail graphics for navigation, then visit RangeReport.org. In addition to hosting the latest Range Report feature articles, the new website also provides Range News, Q&A, and instant access to other features. The website also boasts a Digital Archive of all past Range Report issues in three, handy digital formats: eZine (flip-page), iPad, and PDF.

NSSF The Range Report

Read The Range Report in a Magazine-Style (Flip-Page) Format
If you favor a print magazine-style experience, which allows you to flip pages and view full two-page spreads, then visit the new Range Report Digital eZine. Just like a hard-copy magazine, the Range Report eZine begins with a index section and has feature articles placed sequentially, like chapters in a book. The Summer 2012 debut Range Report eZine is 51 pages long, with many interesting articles, including a report by Tom Carpenter on how to conduct shooter training classes, plus a feature by William Kendy on how to promote your range through Co-Op Advertising.

NSSF The Range Report

Anyone involved in range operations (whether commercially or as part of a shooting club) should find The Range Report a useful resource. Now that Range Report contents are available in multiple formats, it’s easier than ever to access hundreds of articles that can help your club run your range safely and profitably. Readers can also also Subscribe to the magazine’s monthly e-newsletter.

RANGE REPORT Digital Archive