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July 9th, 2012

NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships Commence Today

Camp Perry 2012

Lt. General William E. Ingram The 2012 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry begin today with the traditional First Shot Ceremony. Following a military band concert, the First Shot Ceremony began at 10:00 AM. Hundreds of shooters, volunteers, employees and spectators were gathered at Camp Perry’s Memorial Monument. This year’s First Shot Speaker, Lieutenant General William E. Ingram Jr., Director Army National Guard, has the honor of firing the First Shot to officially open the 2012 National Matches. Highlights included a color guard, a military band and a National Guard combat maneuver. Dignitaries from the National Rifle Association, CMP, National Guard, all branches of the armed forces and local government representatives were recognized during the ceremony.

Complete day-by-day coverage of the NRA National Championships will be provided by the NRA Blog, which will have a team of reporters on site at Camp Perry throughout the next few weeks. Starting July 10, the NRA Blog will deliver competition updates, with match standings, photos, and video clips.

Pistol Shooters Lead the Way
Camp Perry 2012 Brian ZinsPistoleros take the stage for the first phase of the National Championships. After today’s Pistol Small Arms Firing School and SFAS M9 Pistol EIC Match, the NRA National Pistol Championships commence tomorrow, July 10, and run through July 14 (with National Trophy Matches on the 15th). The Pistol Championships should be hotly contested this year. Legendary handgunner (and Top Shot Season 2 Runner-Up) Brian ‘Gunny’ Zins (USMC retired) returns to Perry with the goal of securing his his eleventh pistol title. Standing in his way will be 2011 Pistol Champion Philip Hemphill along with of James Henderson, John Zurek and others.

2012 CMP National Trophy Matches
9 July: First Shot Ceremony
9 July: Pistol Small Arms Firing School
9 July-4 August: NM Air Gun Events
10 July: Warm-up Pistol Match
15 July: National Trophy Pistol Matches
22 July: National Rimfire Sporter Match
27-29 July: Rifle Small Arms Firing School

2012 NRA Rifle and Pistol Championships
10-14 July: NRA National Pistol Championship
18-26 July: NRA Nat’l Smallbore Rifle Championships
5-15 August: NRA Nat’l High Power Rifle Championships

First Shot Camp Perry 2012

This story is based on report in the NRA Blog.
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July 9th, 2012

Colt 901 Modular Carbine Shoots Both .308 Win and .223 Rem

Colt Manufacturing Company (“Colt”) has finally released T&E versions of the long-promised Colt 901 “Modular Carbine” first revealed in 2011. This rifle shoots both .223 Rem and .308 Win cartridges using the SAME LOWER with different uppers. The Colt accomplishes this task by using a unique magwell insert, along with different mags and buffer assemblies. The 901 is very different than other AR variants which squeeze a short .30-caliber cartridge, such as the .300 AAC BLK, into a .223-length AR magazine. The Colt 901 shoots regular .308 Winchester cartridges, from .308-Win sized magazines. The key is the proprietary magwell insert, which allows standard 5.56×45 (.223 Rem) AR mags to fit inside the lower. To move from .308 to .223, once the insert is in place, you simply switch the buffer spring and buffer, and then attach your .223 Rem upper.

Colt 901 ReviewGunsAmerica Review
You’ll find a detailed review and field test of the Colt 901 in the latest GunsAmerica Blog. The testers say the Colt 901 caliber-changing system works as advertised: “It can be adapted from .308/7.62, using standard P-Mags, to .223/5.56, using standard AR mags, and back again, in literally seconds. The design uses one proprietary part, and you have to swap out the recoil system. It is that simple, and it works fantastic…. What [Colt] did was to design a very simple part that adapts both the lug and the magazine size from one size upper to the other. The part itself is made from aluminum, and weighs exactly 3 ounces, including the captured steel push pin. It is simply an adapter, and its genius is in its simplicity.”

The GunsAmerica Review of the Colt 901 is worth reading if you’re interested in a dual-caliber AR. The review offers plenty of photos (zoomable to large size), with close-ups of the magwell insert and the buffer systems. In addition, the reviewers field-tested the Colt 901 with both .223 Rem and .308 Win uppers. Accuracy at 100 yards was not impressive (1.5″ group with the .308, about 2″ for the .223 version), but the reviewers believe the rifle could have shot better with a trigger upgrade.

Colt 901 Video from (2011 Unveiling)

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