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February 7th, 2013

Creedmoor Sports Prepares for Move to Anniston, Alabama

On or before April 15th, 2013, Creedmoor Sports will cease all operations at its current Oceanside, California location and relocate to newly acquired facilities in Anniston, Alabama. Creedmoor has dubbed this move “Operation Roll Tide”.

Creedmoor Sports has secured its new Alabama headquarters facilities already, so the change-over should be very smooth. Customers can continue to place orders with the Creedmoor website and continue to use Creedmoor’s toll-free order line, 1-800-CREEDMOOR.

Dennis DeMille, Creedmoor Sports General Manager, explained the reasons behind the relocation: “The decision to move was based on several factors including: business climate, proximity to greater number of customers, employee pool, and growth potential. Our new facilities are located aboard old Fort McClellan, ten minutes North of CMP Headquarters in Anniston. Morris Building of Anniston began construction and renovation February 4th on the existing building and on a new addition.”

Dennis adds: “We look forward to the increased opportunities this move provides and we appreciate your support during this transition. Many of our employees key to production and operations will be moving with us, thereby minimizing any potential disruption to service.”

New Creedmoor Sports Address:

Creedmoor Sports, Inc.
167 Creedmoor Way
Anniston, AL 36205

Creedmoor Sports will be very close to the CMP’s Anniston location and roughly 30 minutes (by car) from the CMP’s new 500-acre shooting facility (currently under construction).

Here is the entrance to Creedmoor Sports new Alabama facility, along with the new street sign on the nearest corner. You’ll find updates on Creedmoor’s “Operation Roll Tide” business move on the Creedmoor Sports Facebook Page.

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February 7th, 2013

Getting Started in F-Class by Rod Vigstol

How Easy it is to Have Fun with Rifles and Equipment You Probably Already Have….
Forum member Rod Vigstol (aka Nodak7mm) has written a great Introduction to F-Class for shooters getting started in this rewarding discipline. Rod’s article, which appears in German Salazar’s Rifleman’s Journal website, covers F-Class basics and addresses concerns that “newbies” may have when trying a new shooting sport. Rod stresses that most guys who own a varmint-hunting or tactical rig likely have nearly all the gear they need to give F-Class competition a try.

Intro to F-Class Shooting

CLICK HERE to read Rod Vigstol’s ‘Getting Started in F-Class’ article on Rifleman’s

Rod explains: “If you’re reading this, you have more than just a general interest in the shooting sports and in the awesome rifles that shoot tiny groups at insane distances. You probably even have friends that enjoy shooting as much as you do. The quandary you may find yourself in is your friends haven’t quite jumped into it head-first like you have and they haven’t spent a lot of money and time obtaining the equipment you have to go shoot these matches. But you know what? Your prairie-dog shooting buddy or coyote-hunter friend can attend these matches and shoot alongside with you. He or she more than likely already has the basic equipment needed to shoot a match.” Most varmint shooters already have a suitable, accurate rifle and the following equipment:

• A variable-power scope in the 4.5-14x range or higher.
• A front bipod like the trusty old Harris 9″-13″, or maybe even a basic pedestal front rest.
• A rear sand-bag or similar sand-sock to rest the butt stock.
• A basic shooting mat from Midway or at least a piece of carpet or canvas to lay on.

Intro to F-Class Shooting

Rod also provides a handy checklist of items to bring to the range. These include: Canvas or carpet strip (to set under bipod), Notebook, Kitchen Timer, Cleaning Rod, Camp Chair, Elbow Pads, Shooting Hat, and Open Bolt Indicator (OBI). Along with rifle, bipod (or front rest), rear bag, and ammo, that’s pretty much all you need.

Intro to F-Class Shooting

Rod encourages all shooters to give F-Class a try — even novices. Rod explains: “We have all been rookies, newbies, new kids on the block or whatever. So we all have a good idea of what may be going on in your mind, the questions and concerns you may have. I’m telling you this sport is full of fantastic people who deep down find it far more fulfilling to help a new shooter get started than running a clean target. You just have to take the first step to get involved.”

CLICK HERE To read the entire article on Rifleman’s We’ve only provided a small sample of Rod’s article; it is definitely worth reading in its entirety.

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