February 18th, 2013

3-Gun Shooter Maggie Reese Interviewed on Gun Girl Radio

maggie reese

Maggie ReeseThis week on Gun Girl Radio, Julie Golob interviewed the talented Maggie Reese for a fun “girl talk” episode Gun Girl-style. Maggie is a two-time 3-Gun Ladies National Champion as well as a Season Two contestant on the History Channel’s Top Shot TV show.

The podcast interview explores Maggie’s journey from new shooter to national champion. Maggie talks about the challenges that she faced along the way, such as dealing with injuries. Julie and Maggie also chat about their experiences of shooting and competing with other women. Maggie shares some of her secrets to having fun and looking great on the range. In addition to talking all things competition shooting, Julie and Maggie share some reality TV insider Top Shot talk. CLICK HERE to listen to this episode. You can also subscribe to get future Gun Girl Radio podcasts.

Maggie Reese Superstition

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