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March 8th, 2013

Watch the 2013 NCAA Rifle Championships Live Online

NCAA Rifle Championship

Report by Kyle Jillson for
This year you can catch all the action at the 2013 NCAA Rifle Championships in real time thanks to a live stream from the match venue in Columbus, Ohio. Just hop on over to the NCAA Live website and dive right in. (The NCAA also provides live streaming coverage of other winter championship events.) The individual finals are set to stream live at 4:30 pm Eastern time.

CLICK HERE for NCAA Rifle Championship LIVE STREAM.

Relay #3 is underway now (as this story is released) and the finals begin at 4:30 PM Eastern. In Relay #1, Alaska-Fairbanks’ Ryan Anderson took the lead with a 586-35X. After shooting a perfect 200 from prone, Anderson faltered slightly while standing and shot a 191, dropping nine. In kneeling, the final leg, he warded off the other shooters in his relay with a 195 to stay at the top.

NCAA Rifle Championship

NCAA Rifle Championship

NCAA Rifle Championship

Photos courtesy NRA Media Relations, some rights reserved.

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March 8th, 2013

Save $5.00 on Bryan Litz Books and Help Libraries

In honor of “March is Reading” month, Applied Ballistics is running a sale on both Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting and Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting books by Bryan Litz. Through the end of March, both titles will be discounted by $5.00 from Applied Ballistics’ online store.

Accuracy and Precision BookApplied Ballistics Book

Applied Ballistics also supports youth education. During “March is Reading” month, $1.00 from each book sold will be donated to the 100 Libraries in 100 Days campaign. This crowd-funding campaign was established to provide book donations to libraries across the country.

Applied Ballistics invites readers to enjoy a discount on these two respected shooting books, while at the same time supporting libraries which encourage young people to read good books.

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March 8th, 2013

Slim, “ShotGunner” Ear Muffs Offer More Stock Clearance

A Forum member recently asked if anybody makes a thinner, less-blocky earmuff that won’t interfere with head placement on the stock. We understand his inquiry — big, over-sized muffs tend to bang into the stock and sometimes even disturb the gun in the bags.

Our first suggestion is use quality foam earplugs. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for a quality foam plug is better than nearly all earmuffs. But for those who prefer earmuffs, or who “double up” muffs over plugs, AO Safety (Peltor), makes the ShotGunner Folding Earmuffs, item # 97013. Peltor’s ShotGunner muffs feature tapered ear domes, which are cutaway on the lower half for stock clearance. These muffs, which retail for $16-$20, also fold up into a very compact package for storage. This Editor has used the Shotgunner Muffs (NRR 21) and they are very comfortable. Because they fit well they actually seem to work better than some big bulky muffs (with higher NRRs) that don’t seal so well.

Peltor ShotGunner Muffs

Comparative Noise Reduction Ratings
The ShotGunner folding muffs have a NRR of 21 db — compare that to 25-30 db NRR for big, heavy muffs and 29-33 db NRR for good ear plugs, such as the Howard Leight Max UF plugs (33 NRR). Of course, to achieve those 30+ Noise Reduction Ratings, earplugs must be inserted correctly. The 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division has prepared two YouTube videos which illustrate how to properly use foam earplugs and flanged (pre-molded) earplugs.

VIDEO ONE: How to Use Soft Foam Earplugs

VIDEO TWO: How to Use Pre-Molded Flanged Earplugs

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