March 16th, 2013

Berger Bullets Introduces Online Shooting Events Calendar

Berger Event CalendarBerger Bullets has launched a great new web resource, the Berger Bullets Events Calendar. This online calendar highlights important shooting matches and other shooting-related events (such as trade shows). We commend Berger for developing this Calendar, which will make it easier for shooters to locate match information and plan ahead. Berger states: “The main goal of this project is to help people get involved in the shooting community and build lasting relationships between shooters. A strong community is the best way to ensure that the shooting sports continue for future generations to enjoy.”

How to Use the Calendar
The Events Calendar employs different colors for different event types — Berger Yellow for Target Matches, Tan for Tactical Competitions, Light Orange for Varmint Competitions, Blaze Orange for Hunting Competitions, Blue for Tradeshows, and Forest Green for Fundraisers.

CLICK Image to Access LIVE Calendar
Berger Event Calendar

Click Event on Calendar to See Detailed Information
If you click on an event in the calendar grid, a window pops up showing details for that event — match date, match location, match description, and contact(s) for match registration. Here is an example for the Berger Southwest Nationals.

Berger Event Calendar

Map Links and Links to Match Websites
On the window that pops up when you click on a calendar item, you’ll notice one or two colored buttons (the colors correspond to event type). The View Map button links to a map of the match venue, so you can find the shooting range and plan your travel. If there is web page for the event, you’ll see a second colored button linking to that website. Simply click the Event Link for more information.

Berger invites readers to submit events for the Berger Events Calendar. Visit the Calendar Submission Page to provide information on an upcoming event. Note: Berger may not list all submitted items, particularly where there are conflicts with previously listed major events.

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.