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March 18th, 2013

Univ. of Michigan Wins NRA Intercollegiate Club Championships

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson for NRABlog
The University of Michigan Wolverines won the 2013 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships, with an Aggregate score of 4363 out of 4800. After winning the Air Rifle championships on Day One with a 2221 score, Michigan topped the field in the Day Two Smallbore event as well, with a 2142 out of 2400 team score. That gave Michigan the overall title, ahead of runner-up Penn State University.

NRA Intercollegiate Club Rifle

Matthew Chezem from the University of Akron took the Aggregate overall individual championship, with a great smallbore performance on the last day. Matt won the smallbore match with a high of 565 of 600, leapfrogging competitors who had scored higher on Day One (during the Air Rifle Competition). Matt finished with 1132 out of 1200, to earn the individual title.

NRA Intercollegiate Club Rifle Matthew Chezem

Ying Yi Liu Shoots Perfect 100 in Air Rifle Match
A highlight of the Match for the Wolverines was the stellar Air Rifle performance by Univ. of Michigan’s Ying Yi Liu. She shot a perfect 100 score (10 points on all 10 targets) in her final air rifle relay, to lead the Wolverines to a first-day win in the Air Rifle segment. That gave Univ. of Michigan a lead it never reliquished. Liu also won the individual Air Rifle Championship with a 565 score.

NRA Intercollegiate Club Rifle
NRA Intercollegiate Club Rifle

NRA Intercollegiate Club Rifle

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March 18th, 2013

Leica CRF1000 Laser Rangefinder on Sale for $469.00

Looking for a high-quality laser rangefinder (LRF) at a great price? Well has slashed the price on the Leica CRF1000 compact LRF. You can now get the CRF1000 for just $469.00 — that’s deeply discounted from the previous price. Weighing just 7.8 ounces, the 4.5″-long CRF1000 is very compact and can stow easily in a vest or jacket pocket. It offers 7X magnification, and a LED read-out that automatically adjusts to the light conditions.

Leica CRF1000 sale eurooptic

While not rated for as long a range as Leica’s top-of-the-line CRF1600B, the CRF1000 will work great for most users. In reality, very few people can hold a compact unit steady enough to range accurately on small objects past 1000 yards, now matter what the yardage rating. In fact, most users would have trouble holding their LRF steady enough to range a mule deer at 800.

The CRF1000 has proven to be durable and reliable. Mike, Editor of writes:

“I have been using the Leica 1000 CRF Range Finder for about six months. I have taken it on several hikes, hunting in Idaho… and on several Deer and Elk scouting trips. For the price of $599, I think the [CRF1000] is the best all around option for a range finder. Why do I say that? I can easily range animals out to 1000, just as advertised. It is EASY to use — push once to get the red box on target, push again and get an accurate range. It is durable.

I have a couple of other range finders that are advertised to range out to 1000 yards, well I cannot get them to do it. That is just simply not the case with the Leica 1000. It can be counted on to range accurately regardless of the condition out to the advertised range. To summarize: I have ranged many many items from 20 yards to 1000 yards with ZERO failures. This device is accurate, dependable, and just flat works!”

Leica CRF1000 vs. CRF1000-R
Along with range-to-target (in yards or meters), the CRF1000 model displays ballistics information for the user. It measures and displays both outside temperature and barometric pressure. It also displays recommended hold-overs for the ranged distance (based on load profiles selected from built-in tables). It will also measure and display the angle of shots above or below the horizontal. However, this unit, unlike the newer, more expensive CRF1000-R, does NOT automatically calculate the solution for angled shots, nor does it automatically figure environmental data into the hold-over. To get that functionality you’ll need the higher-priced CRF1000-R version. To reiterate — the CRF1000, on sale at $469.00, gives you temp/pressure data, and angle numbers, but you have to manually figure this into your shot. The model 40535 CRF1000-R costs $559 at

Sale tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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