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April 12th, 2013

Creedmoor Sports Offers Free Ground Shipping This Week

Our friends at Creedmoor Sports are in the final stages of the company’s move to Anniston, Alabama. To mark this event, Creedmoor is offering FREE Ground Shipping this week on most products (ammo, brass and bullets excluded). Creedmoor’s G.M. Dennis DeMille tells us: “We loaded one semi yesterday and four more are being filled here today. It’s going to take about four days to get to Alabama from California and a few days to get unpacked. As a token of our appreciation for your patience during our move, here’s a FREE Ground Shipping Coupon good all week long….”

Use coupon code MOVING2013

Excludes ammo, brass and bullets.
Ground shipping only. Contiguous states.
Not valid on previous orders.
No orders will be shipped until week of April 22.

NOTE: Without the Coupon Code, the discount will not be applied. If you can’t get the coupon to work, put the Code in the bottom of the checkout page and we’ll remove the shipping charges before we charge your card. If there is ammo, brass, or bullets on the order, the Coupon Code will not work.

Creedmoor Sports free shipping April

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April 12th, 2013

Norma Brass Now Available at Midsouth Shooters Supply

We all know that reloading components are in very short supply these days — bullets, brass, powder — you name it. Every day we get calls and emails from guys trying to find these items. Here’s a tip for those of you who need high-quality brass: Midsouth Shooters Supply carries Norma Brass, and Midsouth has this brass for many popular cartridge types IN STOCK now. Here’s a partial list of unprimed Norma brass available for purchase at Midsouth as of April 12, 2013:

NORMA Brass IN-STOCK at Midsouth Shooters Supply (Partial List)

6MM PPC RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-10260105 Price: $22.72
6MM BR Norma RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-10260155 Price: $22.72
6MM XC RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-10260185 Price: $24.66
222 REM RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20257115 Price: $15.13
22-250 REM RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20257315 Price: $22.72
.260 REM RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20266025 Price: $28.42
6.5×55 REM RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20265515 Price: $20.84
6.5-284 RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20265285 Price: $31.79
270 Win RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20269015 Price: $24.69
280 REM RIFLE BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20270505 Price: $27.82
.30-06 Springfield BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20276405 Price: $25.46
300 WSM BRASS 25ct Item: 013-20276765 Price: $48.11

Norma Cartridge brass at Midsouth Shooters Supply

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