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November 14th, 2013

Coating Breakthrough: Two-Part DuraCoat® in One Rattle Can

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coatingWouldn’t it be great if you could apply a durable, two-part, commercial-grade coating on gun parts, with the ease of “rattle can” spraying. Until recently, you had to have some pro-grade equipment to apply multi-stage coatings. Now that has changed thanks to a new “can-in-a-can” developed in Europe. DuraCoat® can now be applied, in your choice of nine colors, from a single, convenient rattle can. The secret is the new type of twin-chamber can construction. An inner chamber holds the DuraCoat hardener (catalyst), while an outer chamber contains the DuraCoat color coating liquid.

The “can-in-a-can” design keeps the two elements completely separate until you are ready to apply the coating. It’s really quite ingenious. Duracoat’s owner, Steve Lauer, found this innovative dual-chamber aerosol can design in Europe. We believe his company, Lauer Custom Weaponry is the first to introduce this spray can technology in the American gun coating market.

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coating

Video Shows How to Apply DuraCoat with New Twin-Chamber Aerosol Can

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coatingDuraCoat is a two-part coating system. Once the DuraCoat is mixed with the hardener, a chemical reaction occurs. That is why the two fluids must be kept separated until it’s time to coat a project. When you’re ready, you mix the two products by pushing a plunger in the bottom of the can. This is done by attaching a red button to the bottom of the can. Push down on the can and you’ll here a “pop” that indicates the hardener can migrate into the main chamber. Shake the can for a couple minutes and you are good to go (provided the product to be coated has been prepped properly.)

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coating

DuraCoat is Versatile
Duracoat can be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, wood, plastic and many other surfaces. No baking or pre-heating is required. DuraCoat is not just a thin cosmetic layer like conventional paint. When properly applied, DuraCoat offers good abrasion resistance and very effective protection against corrosion. DuraCoat Aerosol is currently offered in nine (9) popular colors: Matte Black, Woodland Green, Parkerized Gray, OD Green, White, Combat Gray, Pink Lady, Magpul Flat Dark Earth, and Blackhawk Coyote Tan. View DuraCoat Color Chart.

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November 14th, 2013

Caldwell Rock BR Front Rest on Sale for $129.99 at

Caldwell Rock BR rest on sale 129.99 grafs.comDo you need a solid, yet affordable front pedestal rest for load testing or varmint shooting from a bench? Here’s very good deal from Right now the Caldwell Rock BR front rest is on sale for $129.99. That’s $20-$50 cheaper than you’ll find it elsewhere. And Graf’s $129.99 price includes ground shipping (after a single $6.95 handling fee for any order). The Caldwell BR rest isn’t super high-tech, but at 15.5 pounds, it provides a solid platform, with a wishbone-style, cast-iron base. A knob on the left allows easy windage adjustments. The three-lobe bag works fine for prairie dog safaris and general use. For competition, you may want to upgrade to a higher-quality front bag from Edgewood or Protecktor (this may require some minor modification to bag cradle).

We think this $129.99 price is a stellar deal. Check out the prices for the Caldwell Rock BR rest at other vendors (prices effective November 14, 2013):

Caldwell Rock BR rest on sale 129.99

Caldwell Rock BR rest on sale 129.99

Will this Caldwell Rock rest perform as well as a Farley, John Loh, or SEB front rest? Obviously not, but not everyone needs a state-of-the-art rest costing more than a factory hunting rifle. And consider this, you can buy the complete front rest for less than the cost of some of the super-deluxe, large-footprint rear bags. If you’re looking for a general-purpose rest that may see hard use around a ranch or farm property (or on varmint hunts), keeping your investment down isn’t such a bad idea.

Caldwell Rock BR rest on sale 129.99

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November 14th, 2013

Target Shooter Magazine — November 2013 Issue Now Available

Target Shooter Magazine UK F-Class Championships Joe MeliaThe November 2013 Edition of Target Shooter Magazine is now available. The “cover boy” on this edition is Irish shooter Joe Melia, winner of the 2013 European F-Class Championships held at England’s Bisley Ranges. This month’s Target Shooter Magazine features an in-depth report on the Euro F-Class event, a review of the CZ Sporter rifle by Dick Wright, a feature on Benchrest Shooting by our friend Vince Bottomley, and a variety of other interesting articles.

Download in PDF or iPad Formats
Target Shooter magazine is offered at a reasonable cost of just £0.83 (about $1.33 US) per issue. Target Shooter is currently available in two digital formats: 1) Downloadable PDF file; and 2) Apple iPad eZine available from the App Store.

NOTE: Past editions (prior to July 2013) are available to download for FREE from Target Shooter’s website. GO TO Free Download Page.

Target Shooter Magazine UK F-Class Championship Free Download back issues

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