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December 23rd, 2013

Nightforce 15-55x52mm Comp Scope Gets New Features for 2014

Nightforce 15-55x52 competition scope reticle

Nightforce 15-55x52 competition scope reticleIt was big news when Nightforce introduced its 15-55x52mm Competition Scope last year. Now this impressive optic has been made even better. The turrets have been redesigned, and you now get 10 MOA per revolution (up from five MOA in 2013). With these new turrets, ZeroStop™ and Hi-Speed™ adjustments are now standard equipment. In addition, two fast, easy-to-read windage caps are included with every riflescope. Total elevation travel is 55 MOA, while total windage travel is 50 MOA. (That’s down from 60/60 in the 2013 model).

The 2014 version of the 15-55x52mm Competition scope still boasts the key qualities that attracted attention last year. The 15-55 Comp weighs just 27.87 ounces, making it 24% lighter than Nightforce’s 12-42x56mm Benchrest scope. The 15-55 still offers superb ED (low dispersion) glass, giving it excellent brightness and sharpness. The 15-55 Comp also retains its handy, fast-focus European-style eyepiece for 2014.

More Reticle Options for 15-55x52mm Comp Scope
When the 15-55×52 Comp scope was introduced last year, many shooters said “That scope looks fantastic, but I wish there were more reticle choices.” Well Nightforce listened to its customer base. Nightforce now offers four reticles for the Comp Scope: FCR-1, DDR-2, CTR-2, CTR-3. For long-range applications, we really like the new FCR-1, which features .016 MOA stadia lines with vertical and horizontal hash marks and numbers in one-MOA increments. Since the scope has MOA-based clicks, this makes it easy to do hold-overs or hold-offs (for wind) at long range.

Nightforce 15-55x52 competition scope reticle

Also new is the DDR-2 “double-dot” reticle. This features a .172-MOA horizontal stadia outside of .016-MOA center lines. There is a .026 MOA center dot, plus a second dot 3 MOA below center. Vertical indicators are located in 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5 MOA increments.

Nightforce 15-55x52 competition scope reticle

Specifications for 2014 15-55x52mm Competition Scope

Nightforce 15-55x52 competition scope reticle

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December 23rd, 2013

Leight Quiet Bands: Easy, Convenient NRR25 Hearing Protection

Effective hearing protection is a must whenever you are shooting firearms or when you are in the vicinity of gun-shots. For ultimate protection, we recommend a good set of tapered foam earplugs, topped by ear-muffs. However, there are situations when you may prefer lighter-weight hearing protection that can be quickly removed. For example, if you are standing well behind the firing line as an observer, or if you are working as a rangemaster or waddie some distance away from the shooters.

In addition to traditional ear plugs and ear-muffs, new band-style protectors provide a third sound-blocking option. Howard Leight, a top name in the sound-protection business, now offers the “Quiet Band”, a device with soft foam plugs attached to a plastic band worn around the neck. This “Quiet Band” product is comfortable, easy to deploy, and surprisingly effective.

Howard Leight Quiet Band qb2

Howard Leight Quiet Band qb2Three Quiet Band Models
There are three (3) types of Leight Quiet Band® sound protectors. We prefer the QB2 Supra-aural model (item QB2HYG, NRR 25). As shown in the photos, the NRR 25-rated QB2 positions cone-shaped foam pads next to the ear openings and holds them there with light pressure from the orange-colored band. There is also an Inner-aural version (item QB1HYG, yellow band, NRR 27), and a Semi-aural model (item QB3HYG, red band, NRR 21). Our preferred QB2 Supra-aural (orange band) model is just as comfortable as the QB3 (red band) version, and offers much better protection. The QB1 Inner-aural (yellow band) model requires that you place the ear buds in the ear canal, so it’s not really any easier to use than conventional earplugs. That’s why we like the QB2 Supra-aural model best of all. Other users agree. Here’s what two QB2 owners had to say:

Hickok45 leight qb2“I first saw these used by Hickok45 on YouTube and he talked positively about them. I got two and gave them a try. At first, I didn’t think they were going to work very well. After some fiddling, I found they work pretty darn good. With my ears, they fit the best if the band starts on top of my head, I insert the plugs then rotate the band behind my head. PRESTO, perfect fit. Shooting the 9mm and 12 gauge out back was comfortable with no ringing afterward. [They are] small and easy to transport — just throw in the range bag. Yet, they are big enough to keep around your neck out of the way[.] I can sit these Howard Leights down on the shooting bench without worrying about them getting dirty since the band is curved, placing the plugs in the air. I highly recommend them to anybody needing banded hearing protection.” — Tom W.

“Great for woodworkers — These are lightweight AND very effective at reducing noise. When not in use the band hangs loosely around your neck, out of your way completely. Very cost effective for a great product!” — Sheri D.

Quiet Bands Are Much Less Expensive Than Earmuffs
Quiet Band® sound protectors can be purchased from many online vendors for under $6.00 per set, which includes a spare pair of ear buds. has the Leight QB2 Supre-Aural for just $3.57 per set, while Enviro Safety Products currently sells the QB2 for $4.20 per set. Replacement ear buds are available and sold by the pair. You can also buy a Ten-Unit Bulk Pack of QB2 Quiet Bands for $35.52 with free shipping. If you help run shooting matches (or training programs), you may want to buy these in bulk and provide them to Range Officers and pit workers.

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December 23rd, 2013

Useful Website for Small-bore and Air Rifle Shooters

Massachusetts smallbore shooter Dan Holmes, well-known match shooter and gun writer Hap Rocketto, and Erik Hoskins have developed a great dedicated website for competitive small-bore and air rifle shooters. Over the past few years, has delivered quality content, including match reports, shooting tips, rule changes/updates, tech reports, and a calendar of events. also has a “human interest” feature, called the “Shooter Spotlights”. Holmes and his staff have interviewed dozens of shooters. Each marksman answers a few questions about his/her background in shooting, shooting techniques, match strategies, and personal items (such as “What is your favorite pre-match meal?).

The “Shooter Spotlights” let you “tap into” the wisdom of some of the county’s best shooters. Many of those interviewed offer some great tips, or they share fascinating anecdotes about the shooting sports.

We recommend you visit, if nothing else to peruse the profiles, check the upcoming matches and read the popular “Hap’s Corner” stories. Hap is a talented writer who has provided plenty of content to As just one example, Hap has written a fascinating Short History of Camp Perry and The National Championships.

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