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December 16th, 2013

Kirsten Joy Weiss Makes Trick Shots with .22 LR Target Rifle

Kirsten Joy Weiss is one of America’s top smallbore shooters. Her many titles include the 2012 NRA National Women’s Smallbore 3P Championship. Using her Anschütz target rifle and Lapua ammunition, she has competed at top-level national and international events. To help demonstrate the fun of shooting, Kirsten has started her own YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and her own website, There you’ll find shooting tips, gear reviews, and videos. Each week Kirsten does a new trick shot video. Here are three of our favorites.

Here Kirsten Drills the Center of Two Apples with One Shot:

In this Video, Kirsten Shoots from Pilates Position with Rifle Held Upside-Down (Wow!):

For this Trick Shot, Kirsten Shoots the Lead Tip off a Pencil without Breaking the Wood:

Kirsten Joy Weiss Competition Highlights
Kirsten is from Pennsylvania. A 3-time All-American in smallbore, Kirsten led the Univ. of Nebraska Cornhuskers to a 4th-place finish at the NCAA Championships. Weiss was an NRA Second-Team All-American and was named to the CRCA All-Collegiate Team twice. In 2012, Kirsten was the top USA athlete-shooter at the Munich World Cup. She won the 2012 NRA Three-Position Women’s Smallbore Championship and also won the Standing Position, while finishing as the National Overall Woman Champion.

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December 16th, 2013

Shooting USA Features NRA Meeting and U.S. Steel Championships

Shooting USA TV television

This week’s episode of Shooting USA TV features the NRA Annual meeting and the U.S. National Steel Championships, two segments worth watching. Shooting USA airs Wednesdays on the Outdoor Channel, at 3:30 pm, 8:30 pm, and 12:00 midnight (Thursday) Eastern Time (check with your TV carrier for other time zones).

Over 86,000 members attended the NRA’s Annual Meeting and new Product Show held this year in Houston’s giant convention center. With gun issues being so prominent in recent months, the NRA added over 1,000,000 new members in 2013. Not surprisingly, there was a huge turn-out in Houston. Shooting USA interviews industry leaders and spotlights Product Show highlights.

NRA Meeting Shooting USA TV

U.S. National Steel Championship
In the world of action shooting, there is no other sound that instantly draws the attention like a round hitting a steel plate. It’s been called “bang and clang” and “drag racing with guns”. For three days, at the U.S. National Steel Championships in Florida, the fastest pistol shooters from across the nation competed for glory, prize money, and the title of “America’s Fastest Gun”. This year the Main Match came down to an epic battle between KC Eusebio and Max Michel, two of the fastest shooters on the planet. Visit for more info and complete match results.

Watch Video of KC Eusebio in Action at 2013 U.S. National Steel Championships:

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December 16th, 2013

Precision Jig for Neck Chamfer Tool

California shooter Mark LaFevers has come up with a slick, adjustable fixture that delivers a precise, repeatable inside-neck chamfer every time. He uses a Holland Case Mouth Chamfer Tool with a 14° cutter, but this set-up works equally well with other chamferers with an extended handle. With Mark’s tool jig, the Holland Tool inserts through the top, indexing vertically off a shoulder. A small recess is cut in the center of the wood base for the case head. The tool mount can be raised or lowered with the adjusting bolts on all four corners. Simply slide a trimmed-to-length case in the middle, give the Holland Tool a few spins, and you get a perfect, identical chamfer every time. Now that’s ingenuity! Mark isn’t planning to produce these commercially, but he’s happy if someone wants to copy his jig design.

NOTE: In the photos above, you see an older version of the tool. Hollands has improved the design of its current 14° Chamfer Tool. The cutting head now has a 3-flute design that provides a smoother, chatterless cut. The head is now made of carbide so it cuts faster and holds its cutting edge longer. This tool is available from Holland’s Shooters Supplies for $32.00 (item CMCT-CAR).

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