December 16th, 2013

Shooting USA Features NRA Meeting and U.S. Steel Championships

Shooting USA TV television

This week’s episode of Shooting USA TV features the NRA Annual meeting and the U.S. National Steel Championships, two segments worth watching. Shooting USA airs Wednesdays on the Outdoor Channel, at 3:30 pm, 8:30 pm, and 12:00 midnight (Thursday) Eastern Time (check with your TV carrier for other time zones).

Over 86,000 members attended the NRA’s Annual Meeting and new Product Show held this year in Houston’s giant convention center. With gun issues being so prominent in recent months, the NRA added over 1,000,000 new members in 2013. Not surprisingly, there was a huge turn-out in Houston. Shooting USA interviews industry leaders and spotlights Product Show highlights.

NRA Meeting Shooting USA TV

U.S. National Steel Championship
In the world of action shooting, there is no other sound that instantly draws the attention like a round hitting a steel plate. It’s been called “bang and clang” and “drag racing with guns”. For three days, at the U.S. National Steel Championships in Florida, the fastest pistol shooters from across the nation competed for glory, prize money, and the title of “America’s Fastest Gun”. This year the Main Match came down to an epic battle between KC Eusebio and Max Michel, two of the fastest shooters on the planet. Visit for more info and complete match results.

Watch Video of KC Eusebio in Action at 2013 U.S. National Steel Championships:

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