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April 4th, 2014

Great Articles in Free April Issue of Shooting Sports USA

Shooting Sports USA April High Power Smallbore biathlonThe April 2014 Digital Edition of Shooting Sports USA is now available online (for free). This month’s issue has many articles of interest to competitive shooters. The cover story From Smallbore to High Power, profiles Col. Denise Loring, an international smallbore competitor who recently made the transition to High Power shooting. This is an excellent article.

Col. Loring “compares and contrasts” smallbore and High Power, providing fascinating insights into the differences between the disciplines: “I was very nervous about having only two sighters for NRA High Power matches. Then, I heard about the CMP style of HP where there are no sighters and could not believe you could shoot a match without them. We have unlimited sighters in smallbore and I took full advantage of that aspect. In NRA conventional smallbore you can even return to the sighter bull once you have begun shooting for record.”

Shooting Sports USA April High Power Smallbore biathlon

Biathlon — Shooting at 180 Beats Per Minute
There is also an interesting feature on Biathlon shooting. This tutorial covers the basics of this challenging Olympic sport that combines Nordic skiing and smallbore position shooting. This in-depth article profiles the top athletes, explains the rules, and provides interesting details of the hardware: “Most athletes use a Fortner (straight-pul bolt) action, although traditional bolt-action guns are allowed. The rulebook regulates biathlon rifles by minimum width, trigger resistense, dimensions and shape[.] Magazines may be spot-checked before or after an event to ensure they contain only five rounds[.]”

Shooting Sports USA April High Power Smallbore biathlon

The April issue of Shooting Sports USA also includes a complete round-up of 2013 State Champions for all NRA shooting disciplines, from BB Gun to Black Powder Cartridge Rifles.

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April 4th, 2014

Hornady Resumes Production of Some Bullet and Ammo Types

Hornady production listLast year, to catch up with demand for its most popular products, Hornady temporarily halted production of a significant number of bullet types and ammunition products. Some shooters were upset because they were no longer able to get their favorite bullets. Well, here’s some good new guys — Hornady has resumed production of a number of bullet types, and four ammo varieties.

CLICK LINK to View Updated 2014 Production List.
Highlighted items have been removed from suspension.

We scanned over the updated production list (linked above), and we found these highlighted items, which should now be back in production. As Hornady may update the list with new items, we suggest you contact Hornady if your favorite projectile is not yet back in production.

Bullets Restored to 2014 Production
22492 22 CAL .224 52 GR A-MAX®
2250 22 CAL .224 53 GR HP MATCH
22281 22 CAL .224 60 GR V-MAX®
2278 22 CAL .224 68 GR BTHP MATCH

27352 270 CAL .277 140 GR SST®
27402 270 CAL .277 150 GR SST®
27200 270/6.8 .277 110 GR BTHP W/C

28402 7MM .284 162 GR A-MAX®
28405 7MM .284 162 GR BTHP MATCH

30311 30 CAL .308 140 GR MFX (308MX)
30310 30 CAL .308 140 GR MONOFLEX®
30370 30 CAL .308 150 GR GMX®
3072 30 CAL .308 180 GR BTSP

3560 9.3 CAL .366 286 GR SP-RP

Ammo Restored to 2014 Production
8218 AMMO 300 WIN MAG 195 GR BTHP
8115 AMMO 30-06 SPRG 165 GR BTSP
4747 470 CAL .474 500 GR DGX®
82741 AMMO 45-70 GOVT 250 GR MFX LVR

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April 4th, 2014

Get a Tax Deduction While Supporting Competitive Shooting

Here’s a way you can support competitive shooting, while getting a tax deduction. Donations to the NRA Competitive Shooting & National Championships Endowment can be tax-deductible. Started in 2007 by then NRA President John Siegler, the Endowment provides direct funding for shooting programs, including the NRA National matches at Camp Perry. This is a permanent Endowment, with investment income channeled to shooting programs.

According to the NRABlog: “Donations go right into the fund and stay there. They are never touched. 85% of the earnings (or interest) generated by the fund are dispersed to the Competitive Shooting Division for their yearly budget. The other 15% goes back into the principal. By never touching the principal, and reinvesting a portion of the earnings, the endowment will always grow. Simple as that.”

NRA Competition Endowment

You can contribute in one of two ways — as a gift or as a tax-deductible donation. No matter what path you choose, the money still goes towards the overall cost of running the competitions. To make a contribution to the fund, download the Competitive Shooting & National Championships Endowment flyer, fill out the form and send it to:

NRA Treasurer’s Officer
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

“Once [the Endowment] is big enough, it could pay for all of competitive shooting. That’s something every competitor would benefit from.” — Dennis Willing, NRA Competitive Shooting Director.

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