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April 5th, 2014

Profiles of Palma: Classic Images from CA LR Championship

One of our readers, Joshua Targownik, is a very talented photographer. Last year he captured an evocative series of photos at the 2013 California State Palma Championships, hosted at the Coalinga range. Joshua reports: “I shot all these images on good old-fashioned medium format black and white film”. We like Joshua’s images — they have a classic “old school” look which seems to suit the Palma (Full-bore) discipline. The black and white photography seems appropriate to the world of iron sights, leather shooting coats, and “hard-holding” marksmen.

Images by Joshua Targownik. To see more of Joshua’s photos, visit

Click Image to see full screen version

CLICK HERE to View Full PHOTO GALLERY (17 images).

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April 5th, 2014

Customer Credit Card Security Issues at

security credit card hack breach wideners.comIf you have recently placed credit card orders with, you should check for unauthorized charges and other suspicious activity related to your credit card(s). You may also want to contact your card issuer. The reason is that web security breaches have “allowed [unauthorized] access to some customer credit card information.” After an initial security breach in February of this year, there was another breach in the past few days.

Here is a statement published
on the website:

Just prior to February 16th, there was a brute force attack on the site that we now believe allowed access to some customer credit card information. Fortunately, we keep very few customer records in our on-line database. Since there is very little information on the site, exposure is minimized just in case something like this ever happens. We were alerted to this potential breach by a few customers, and we are fortunate that it was so small.

When our internet provider later discovered the attack, we immediately took action to prevent unauthorized access. Since that time, we have further tightened security. We have also performed internal audits to insure all our in-house systems are free of problems.

At this point, we believe we have identified only a few customers who were affected by the incident, and we have done everything possible to prevent recurrence of this activity. If you suspect you have had a problem due to doing business with us, please let us know immediately. We sincerely apologize for any difficulty this has caused.

Stan Widener
President, Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc.

Update 4-4-14: For the period 3-31-14 to 4-3-14 our website provider’s website was compromised and credit card information for those dates may have been obtained by unauthorized users.

We have been in meetings all day long with a host of computer experts and programmers and our web provider. The breach from overseas has been finally been identified and eliminated as of 4:00 EST. Our web provider now declares that the website is secure.

security credit card hack breach

Story Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 5th, 2014

Norma Website Now Offers Cartridge Histories

NormaOn the Norma website, in the products area, you’ll find dozens of illustrated cartridge profiles. Many of these have been augmented with “Caliber Histories” providing background information, both historical and practical. These entries will benefit those interested in the origins and development of popular hunting and match cartridges. Many of the “Caliber Histories” also include information on bullets and twist rates.

CLICK HERE to access the Hunting Products page on Norma’s website. There, on the left, you’ll see a vertical list of 58 different cartridges. Click on any cartridge name and you’ll see an illustrated “overview”. For most (but not all) listed cartridges, there is also a gray tab labeled “Caliber History”. Click that tab to see a cartridge diagram and a few paragraphs explaining the cartridge’s lineage and design features. For example, the .280 Remington Caliber History explains: “This cartridge was constructed in 1957 for Remington’s model 740 Autoloader. It is basically a .30-06 necked down to accept 7mm bullets, but the shoulder was moved forward a little in order to prevent the cartridge from being loaded into .270 Win. rifles by mistake.” Many of the Caliber History entries offer recommended bullet weights and barrel twist rates. Shown below is the 6.5×55 Swede’s Caliber History:

Norma 6.5x55 Swede Cartridge History

Norma 6.5x55 Swede Cartridge History

Article tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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