December 7th, 2014

Leviathan Benchrest Stock from McMillan — the Super 50 BR

We’re reluctant to call this a mere gun-stock. After all it’s more the size of a kayak, and it weighs about as much. This monster, McMillan’s new 50 Cal Benchrest stock, measures a whopping 44 inches long and weighs 18 pounds in heavy configuration. McMillan calls this beast the “Super 50 BR”, but other possible names come to mind: “Dreadnought”, “Leviathan”, “Blue Whale”. This monster benchrest stock will be offered in either 3.5″- or 5″-wide versions for $990 uninletted or $1200 with a full inlet.

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McMillan fiberglass stock 50 caliber super BR HBR

McMillan previously offered a 50-cal Benchrest stock, but the new Super 50 BR represents a major upgrade over its predecessor. The new stock is stronger, more stable, and it should track better because the tail and forearm now feature precisely machined metal lower bag-riding surfaces. McMillan explains: “The primary feature of this new .50 caliber benchrest stock are machined aluminum shoes on the bottom of the forearm and buttstock that are machined true to each other and to the action.” The forearm shoe (or plate) is available in either a 3.5” width or a 5” width, while the forearm itself is about 20 ¾” long from the front of a McMillan .50 caliber action. This stock has a minimum weight of about 9 lbs. as a light gun stock and a maximum weight of about 18 lbs. as a heavy gun stock. A fully ambidextrous design, the Super 50 BR stock may be used in either right-hand or left-hand configuration (with appropriate inletting).

For comparison purposes, here is McMillan’s previous 50 HBR stock. Constructed of fiberglass with fill, you can see it lacks the signature front and rear machined metal sections that distinguish the Super 50 BR. This earlier version was good, but the Super 50 BR represents a major improvement in stiffness, geometry, and tracking ability.

McMillan fiberglass stock 50 caliber super BR HBR

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