September 6th, 2007

Battlestar Galactica For Sale: $700.00

Real Battlestar? Well, not quite, but you have to admit the metal stock shown below does bear a passing resemblance to the spaceship of TV fame (above). And it’s certainly massive enough to handle some heavy artillery. In truth, this is Butch Keen’s all-aluminum Heavy Gun Benchrest stock, now for sale in our AccurateShooter Classifieds.

Butch notes: “[This stock] comes complete with Barrel Block. Block and channel will accept 1.350″-diameter straight barrel. Inletted for Remington 700 right-hand long action. $700.00 plus shipping in CONUS (Cont’l U.S.).” That’s a great price for a stock of this kind. A custom barrel block by itself, installed, can cost a couple hundred or more. Butch added: “The stock was an earlier model made by Springman Rifles (Eric & Wes Springman). I don’t use the stock anymore due to the fact that I don’t shoot very much 1000-yard Heavy Gun class. The stock is built from a solid piece of aluminum except for: front rails on either side of the foreend, trigger guard, and the barrel block. The stock’s empty weight is 34.5 pounds. The OAL of the stock is 36″, foreend width (with rails) is 6″, and the butt stock width is 2″. The stock, fully loaded with barrel, action, and scope will run at least 50 pounds. This provides a very stable, nice tracking, heavy gun configuration for competition or long range varmint shooting.” If you’re interested, contact Butch via email: keenvisionvideo [at] comcast [dot] net.

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