September 8th, 2007

JFK's Garand Up for Auction

Rock Island Auction Company (RIA), one of the nation’s leading firearms auction houses, is conducting a Premiere Collector’s Firearms Auction this weekend (Sept. 8, 9, & 10) in Moline, IL. Among the many valuable items for sale is President John F. Kennedy’s Garand rifle, issued to then Senator Kennedy by the Army’s Director of Marksmanship.

It is estimated JFK’s Garand will fetch $50,000-$100,000 at auction. That’s too rich for us, but it’s fun to view photos of the rifle and the associated historical documentation. Click Here to view the auction. Note: hundreds of other items are up for sale in the next three days. If you are interested in bidding, you can do so by telephone or by sealed online bid. All the 3227 items up for auction, including many classic Winchesters, are listed in this online auction database.