September 9th, 2007

IBS 600-Yd Nationals Results — Schatz Sets Record

IBS 600-yard Nationals VHAUnder the able direction of the Varmint Hunters Association (VHA), the 2007 IBS 600-yard Nationals were held this past week in Pierre, SD at the VHA Range. The match drew competitors from around the country. The big winner was Glen Sterling, who captured the Two-Gun title, and finished first in both Heavy Gun Group and Score, shooting a 300 Win Mag in HG (Glen shot a 6mm Wildcat in Light Gun).

A familiar name, Richard Schatz, piloted his 6mm Dasher to victory in the Light Gun division, posting both Small Group and Best Score. Richard, the “Duke of Dashers“, added another record to his collection, shooting a 5-round group of .888″ according to initial reports. This may be a new IBS world record. Congratulations to Glen and Richard for their impressive shooting.

Full match results should be available on the VHA Website, within a few days. Thanks to Donovan Moran for this report. Donovan, who chatted with Glen after the match, tells us: “Glen Sterling really shot some phenomenal small groups and very high scores. The first 6 targets and scores he shot are amazingly consistent — SMALL and centered up for high scores (from what I heard, Targets 7 & 8 were shot in down pouring rain and wind).” Here are Glen’s Heavy Gun results, producing a 2.3915″ Aggregate with 379-6X score total for eight 5-shot groups:

Target 1 = 1.886″ / 50-3X | Target 2 = 2.460″ / 48

Target 3 = 2.325″ / 50-1X | Target 4 = 1.592″ / 49-1X

Target 5 = 1.473″ / 47-1X | Target 6 = 1.413″ / 47

Target 7 = 4.590″ / 41 | Target 8 = 3.414″ / 47