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September 21st, 2007

Jerry Miculek Wins Fifth National Title

Jerry Miculek Smith & WessonThey don’t call Jerry Miculek a “living legend” for nothing. Competing at the United States Practical Shooting Assn. (USPSA) Nationals held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, earlier this month, Miculek captured his Fifth National Revolver Championship. Jerry also holds numerous wheelgun speed-shooting records. This year’s USPSA match featured 18 stages of fire, with a variety of steel and paper targets. Miculek, competing with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 627 8-shot revolver, faced tough competition throughout the 3-day match.

“This year’s match had a little bit of everything,” said Jerry, “The courses of fire were some of the toughest I have ever seen and the changing weather conditions were a constant factor throughout the match. I am very pleased…when you consider the talented field of competitors. The USPSA staff did an outstanding job of setting up the courses of fire that were both fair and well balanced.”

CLICK HERE for a Video (hosted on YouTube), showing Jerry’s blazing speed. In the video, filmed a couple years ago, Jerry puts 8 rounds on 4 targets in 1.06 seconds. Then he does 6 shots, a reload and 6 more shots in 2.99 seconds. If you haven’t seen Miculek on camera before, we guarantee you’ll be amazed.

Jerry Miculek Revolver Speed

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September 21st, 2007

17 Rem Fireball Load Data Now Available

Hodgdon powder has recently updated its interactive Reloading Data Center to include load information for the new 17 Remington Fireball. Introduced earlier this year, the 17 Fireball is based on a .221 Fireball necked down to 17 caliber. It is similar to the 17 Mach IV wildcat, but case dimensions aren’t identical. Kurt Nelson of Redding Reloading explains: “Headspace and the shoulder/neck geometry are different–plus there are variations of the 17 Mach 4 out there.” Hodgdon’s Data Center provides loads for 20-35 grain varmint bullets, with velocities up to 3758 fps. Powders include Benchmark, H332, H335, H4198, and IMR 4198.

Hodgden Reloading Data Center

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