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September 2nd, 2007

FREE Downloadable Fun Targets

In addition to the dozens of FREE downloadable targets you’ll find on this website’s TARGET PAGE, we’ve located some interesting fun targets from other sites. Click the links above each set of targets to download your favorites. Fun Targets: Fun Targets:
GlockFAQ Fun Targets:
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September 2nd, 2007

Thin-Film Camo for Hunting and Varmint Rifles

Do you suffer from “Camo Envy” when you see those slick, realistic camo finishes offered on factory Benellis and Brownings? Well, stock-maker Bell & Carlson (B&C) has a solution for you. B&C will apply a factory quality, thin-film camo-coat to your existing firearm.

Available options include Mossy Oak® Breakup®, Trebark® Superflauge®, Realtree Hardwoods®, and NaturalGear™. Cost is $185 for whole gun (not including scope/rings, bolt handle, floorplate or trigger guard), or $65 for stock alone. B&C can also do the rings and ring mounts for $15 each. Shown below are two NaturalGear™ patterns, both well-suited for a Western summer/fall varmint rifle.

Bell and Carlson Camouflage

Bell and Carlson stock camo

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