September 2nd, 2007

Thin-Film Camo for Hunting and Varmint Rifles

Do you suffer from “Camo Envy” when you see those slick, realistic camo finishes offered on factory Benellis and Brownings? Well, stock-maker Bell & Carlson (B&C) has a solution for you. B&C will apply a factory quality, thin-film camo-coat to your existing firearm.

Available options include Mossy Oak® Breakup®, Trebark® Superflauge®, Realtree Hardwoods®, and NaturalGear™. Cost is $185 for whole gun (not including scope/rings, bolt handle, floorplate or trigger guard), or $65 for stock alone. B&C can also do the rings and ring mounts for $15 each. Shown below are two NaturalGear™ patterns, both well-suited for a Western summer/fall varmint rifle.

Bell and Carlson Camouflage

Bell and Carlson stock camo

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