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September 13th, 2007

U.S. F-Class Championship Kicks Off

The 4th Annual U.S. F-Class Championships runs Sept. 13-15 at the NRA Whittington Center, Raton, New Mexico. If you are near the area, head over to Raton to witness the action–many of the nation’s best long-range shooters will be competing. The F-Class Championship follows on the heels of the Spirit of America (SOA) match, hosted at the Whittington Center earlier this week. This is the first time the SOA and the F-Class Nationals have been held back to back.

Spirit of America F-Class results have been tallied. Team Savage shot consistently to win the Team Competition. Posting in, Warren Dean reported: “Darrell Buell absolutely dominated the SOA/Fullbore Nats in the F-T/R division, winning 2 of the 4 matches and taking a 2nd in another. Conditions were a pretty squirrely at times and far from optimal, but Darrell took us all to school on reading the wind.” We were also pleased to see Forum Members John Dink and Monte Milanuk in the F-TR top 3. In F-Open, U.S. F-Class Teammates Jim Murphy, Larry Bartholome, and John Brewer finished first through third respectively. We can expect more from all these shooters in the next few days.

Spirit of America F-Class Results

1. Jim Murphy
2. Larry Bartholome
3. John Brewer
1. Darrell Buell
2. John Dink
3. Monte Milanuk

Jim Murphy F-Class

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September 13th, 2007

New 6mm 95gr MatchKing — More Details

As promised, here are specifics on the new 95 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. As you can see below, it looks very similar to the Sierra 107 MatchKing, but it’s just a bit shorter, with a bit more curve in the top quarter. Our samples measured 0.2433 at the pressure ring — same as the current Sierra 107 MKs. Jason Baney provides this info:

95 SMK OAL: 1.182″ | 107 SMK OAL: 1.216″ | 105 Berger OAL: 1.235″

Sierra 95 MatchKing

Shown below is Jason’s group from long-range testing. Jason tells us: “I had 8 shots group 2.75″ high x 3.5″ wide, with nine shots in just 4.2″–that’s excellent. One shot went high, opening it up to 6.9″. Keep in mind a 4.2″ is considered pretty spectacular at Williamsport. And a 6.9″ is a very competitive group that will win many relays. I shot this group in decent, but nowhere near perfect, conditions at 1025 yards. These new 95s definitely have some potential at 1000. . . and even more at 600 yards.”

Sierra 95 MatchKing

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September 13th, 2007

SG&Y Benchrest Stocks at Stiller Precision

When Speedy closed up shop at SG&Y in Texas and headed off to Colorado to teach gunsmithing, he had quite a few of the superbly-crafted BRX stocks in inventory. Built by Robertson Composites in Canada, these BRX models are truly some of the nicest fiberglass stocks you can buy. The geometry is correct, sidewalls are straight and the flats are uniform without center seams. The external finish is top-notch, a high-gloss gelcoat without flaws and voids.

CLICK for Stock Info and BIG PHOTOS

Jerry Stiller acquired Speedy’s inventory of Robertson BRX stocks and they are now for sale. Price is $375 partially inletted with fitted buttplate, plus shipping. Jerry has a dozen or more, in various colors, most with a marble two-tone design. If you want one, don’t delay–these are selling fast. Call (972) 429-5000. You can see details in the photos below, originally taken by Speedy. (These colors may no longer be available.)

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